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What’s New in the January 2024 Payara Platform Release?

Splashing into the new year with vigor, the Payara Engineering kitchen announces the first release of Payara Platform for 2024.

This release brings enhancements, security fixes, and bug fixes, ensuring a more robust and efficient environment for your mission critical workload.  Payara Enterprise 6.10.0 (request free trial) comes with 2 improvements, 4 bug fixes, 10 component upgrades and 2 security fixes. Payara Community 6.2024.1 (download here) also comes with 2 improvements, 4 bug fixes, 10 component upgrades and 2 security fixes.

Secure Your Java Applications with Passay: The Essential Password Utility Library

In the digital age, where data breaches are common and privacy is paramount, ensuring users use strong passwords is the first step to securing applications from never-ending threats. Passay, a Java password generation and policy management library helps enhance the security layer of any Java application. Let's dive into the core components of Passay in this blog post to see how you can employ it in your own applications. 

You Might Not Need Kubernetes. Or Containers.

Kubernetes is a topic that is frequently discussed in the development community, especially as the IT landscape increasingly shifts towards cloud and microservices. However, it’s crucial to evaluate whether it is genuinely indispensable for your environment or just another case of the next 'new and shiny' object capturing attention without substantial benefits. In this blog, we’ll delve into the reasons why Kubernetes might sometimes fall victim to the hype and explore whether it is the right fit for all scenarios. 

Jakarta EE: Powering Mass Productivity in Enterprise Java Development

Be a part of our upcoming engaging roundtable webinar, titled "Jakarta EE: Powering Mass Productivity in Enterprise Java Development." This session is specifically tailored to reveal the productivity advantages that Jakarta EE brings to developers like you in the enterprise Java domain. Whether you're a developer, architect, or tech enthusiast aiming to enhance efficiency in Java enterprise application development, this webinar is crafted with you in mind.

How Fast Can You Java?

The Java Platform, over the years, has shown how resilient and reliable a development platform it is. Of course, as developers, we always want to see how fast we can execute our code. Well, now you have the chance to find out, or actually prove how fast Java is. Gunnar Morling, Software Engineer at Decodable has a very exciting Java warmup game for us all. He calls it the One Billion Row Challenge. Huh? Yup. Let's hear it from him.

Payara Platform Roadmap 2024

Now that New Year is here, we reflect on 2023 and look ahead to what you can expect from our entire suite of Payara products in 2024. What is the future for Payara Community, Enterprise and Payara Cloud? Read below to find out more about Payara Rodmap in the coming months -  Java 21 compatibility, the upcoming Jakarta EE 11 and our plan for support, and more!

You can also watch the Payara Roadmap 2024 presentedat the Virtual Payara Conference last month.

Innovative Concurrency: Mastering Jakarta EE with Java 21's Virtual Threads - Webinar Recording

Unleash the power of concurrency in your Jakarta EE applications on the Payara Platform by diving into the world of multi-threaded programming. This hands-on webinar - WATCH HERE - explores the different approaches to writing multi-threaded applications on the Jakarta EE Platform, with a special spotlight on the groundbreaking virtual threads introduced in Java 21.

As applications grow in complexity, ensuring smooth and efficient execution becomes paramount. Multi-threading is a great tool in your developer arsenal, facilitating concurrent task execution, significantly improving application performance and responsiveness. The introduction of virtual threads in Java 21 has further broadened the horizon, offering a simplified, high-throughput concurrency model.

Payara Micro vs. Payara Server: When to Use What?

The Payara Platform is a comprehensive ecosystem designed to meet the diverse needs of today's enterprise Java developers like you, offering robust solutions for Jakarta EE applications. The Platform is split into two main products, namely Payara Server and Payara Micro.

Payara Enterprise   Free Trial

Let's Write History with Code! - Payara Podcast Episode 4

In this podcast episode, we would like to invite you to listen to the conversation we had with Otavio Santana. Otavio is a passionate architect and software engineer and a very prominent persona in the Java EE and Jakarta Community. He is a Java Champion, recognized for his vast contributions to the Java and open source ecosystem. He is a committer and leader in several open source products and specifications.

Head over toSpotifyorYouTube to listen to the conversation and subscribe for more episodes! 

What’s new with MicroProfile 6.1?

The latest release of MicroProfile - 6.1 - was delivered in October and it comes with some changes and new fuctionalities - we will take you through those in this article, so carry on reading if you want to find out more on what's new in MicroProfile!