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Did You Know? Payara Server and Payara Micro Come with HealthCheck Service

09 Jul 2018

Did You Know?

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Kubernetes Native Discovery with Payara Micro

20 Dec 2017

Payara Micro supports Hazelcast out of the box, and can be used for clustering. This allows members in the cluster to distribute data between themselves, amongst other things. By default, Hazelcast comes with multiple ways to discover other members in the same network. A multicast discovery...

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Running Payara Server on the Zulu JVM

28 Apr 2016

In this quick blog I will explain how you can install Zulu JVM and run Payara Server on it. I will be using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but it shouldn’t require many modifications in case you prefer using other Linux-based platforms.


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Ejecutando Payara Server en una JVM Zulu

28 Apr 2016

En este pequeño blog voy a explicar como puedes instalar la JVM (Java Virtual Machine) Zulu y ejecutar Payara Server en ella. Para esta demostración voy a utilizar Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, pero en caso de que prefieras usar otras plataformas basadas en Linux, no se requieren muchas modificaciones.

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