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Did You See Our Latest Payara Platform Releases? Users Helped Shape Them!

As a proud open-source business, we value the contributions of our community of users - driving the Payara Platform forward and shaping its development. 

Users can suggest and make improvements or bug fixes by issuing a pull request on GitHub. We then reward our contributors with Payara 'swag' - t-shirts, stickers and pens! 

Client Certificate Authentication Improvements in Payara Server July and September 2021 Releases

SSL certificates are used for several features within Payara Server. You can configure your custom certificate for the TLS based connections the Payara Server is serving when using a custom domain name. And those certificates can be used for authentication purposes to identify the caller, mainly in a machine to machine communication.

With the July and September 2021 Payara Server releases, we have implemented two new features to improve the usage of these custom SSL certificates.

What's New in the September 2021 Payara Platform Release?

The September 2021 Payara Platform release is here!  Both Payara Platform Enterprise and Payara Platform Community Editions include a security fix that requires you to take action to ensure the security of your environment. (Explained below).

Payara Platform Enterprise 5.31.0 and Payara Platform Community 5.2021.7 releases each contain 10 bug fixes, 1 component upgrade, 1 security fix and 1 new feature. 

You can download Payara Platform Community 5.2021.7 here and request Payara Platform Enterprise 5.31.0 here. 

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What's New in the August 2021 Payara Platform Release?

The August 2021 Payara Platform release is here!  Payara Platform Enterprise 5.30.0 includes 8 bug fixes, 2 component upgrades, 2 security fixes and 4 new features. The Payara Platform Community 5.2021.6 release offers 7 bug fixes, 1 component upgrade, 2 security fixes, and 3 new features. 

You can download Payara Platform Community 5.2021.6here and request Payara Platform Enterprise 5.30.0 here. 

And don't forget to join the 'August Release Overview + OAuth2 & OpenIdConnect Authentication & Authorization' webinar with Rudy De Busscher on Tuesday, the 24th of August at 3PM BST - find out more & register here.

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What’s New in the July 2021 Payara Platform Release?

The July 2021 Payara Platform release is here!  Payara Platform Enterprise 5.29.0 includes 8 bug fixes, 9 improvements, 1 security fix and 1 new feature. The Payara Platform Community 5.2021.5 release offers 13 bug fixes, 1 security fix, 10 improvements, 1 new feature and 1 component upgrade.

You can download Payara Platform Community 5.2021.5 here and request Payara Platform Enterprise 5.29.0 here. 

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Introducing the Payara Kubernetes Operator

When using Kubernetes, for more complex scenarios it is not enough to start the deployment or service. You also need to execute some commands within the containers to perform some configuration or initialization of the environment.

To automate configuration or the process of initializing an environment, you can write a Kubernetes operator.The Payara Kubernetes Operator, released as a Proof of Concept or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in our June Payara Platform release, helps you to set up a Payara cluster using the Deployment Group feature of the Payara Server.

Shape The Future of Payara Platform Through GitHub

Payara Platform is an open source middleware platform. This means that we are proud to nurture and grow an open and collaborative community, building on the needs of all to advance our software. 

Part of this ethos is inviting contributions to our software via our GitHub. Users can issue a pull request with suggested bug fixes and enhancements, and if successful, these will incorporated in our next release. We send t-shirts and stickers to contributors to say thank you! 

Since our last contributor shout out in February, we've implemented many useful pull requests, from valued long time contributors Alexander Pinchuk and Oliver Bertuch, as well as new contributorAngelTG2.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to point out that contributions aren't the only way to shape the future of Payara Platform. You can also up or down vote the open issues - new features, enhancements and bug fixes - that would make the most positive difference to YOUR development and applications. Find out more below. 

Introduction to New AutoScale Feature Available in Payara Server

Running your application sometimes requires multiple instances to handle the requests of the users. Within the Payara Platform, the Domain Data Grid helps you configure your environment to run your application in a cluster. Besides the setup of a cluster itself, many applications can benefit from an environment that scales dynamically.

The number of instances must increase when the application usage peaks and should decrease when activity is low to reduce the resource usage and the corresponding costs associated with it. The introduction of the AutoScale feature in Payara Server Community 5.2021.4  helps us achieve this dynamic scalability.