Using Kubernetes Secrets with Payara Micro

21 Aug 2019

In this blog, I'll discuss the basics around Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets and give two examples of how you can use them in combination with Payara Micro.

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Payara Platform 2019 Roadmap - Update

06 Aug 2019

It's 6 months since I posted our last roadmap update and the team have been working hard to deliver what we promised at the beginning of the year and have released both our 191 and 192 releases since then. I therefore thought it was a good time to reflect on what we've delivered so far and what...

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Business Benefits of Using Kubernetes with Payara Micro

09 Jul 2019

The term “Kubernetes” comes from the Greek “kubernan,” which means to steer or guide. You can think of Kubernetes like a pilot for apps that are stored and run together in containers and other forms of workload distribution software. The Greek “kubernan” was transformed over the years to relate...

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What Is Kubernetes and How Does It Relate to Docker?

14 Jun 2019

Kubernetes is most commonly used with Docker managed containers, although it doesn't strictly depend on it. Kubernetes defines a Container Runtime Interface (CRI) that container platforms must implement in order to be compatible. These implementations are colloquially known as "shims". This...

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Announcing the Release of Eclipse MicroProfile 3.0

11 Jun 2019

Eclipse MicroProfile has just announced the release of MicroProfile 3.0. This version builds on MicroProfile 2.2, including major updates to the Rest Client, and introducing breaking API changes to Metrics and Health Check APIs.

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What's New in Payara Platform 192?

29 May 2019
Summer is coming, and Payara Platform 192 is already here! Here's a sampling of the new features, enhancements, fixes, and updates you can expect in this release:


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Scaling Payara Micro Applications with Kubernetes

14 May 2019

When using Docker images as the way to deploy your application, many organizations use Kubernetes to manage the containerized version of their application. This blog gives you a short overview of Kubernetes and how to run your Payara Micro application in a scaled fashion by either defining the...

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Microservices for Java EE Developers

18 Apr 2019

Nowadays, the concept of microservices is more than a simple novelty. With the advent of DevOps and the boom of container technologies and deployment automation tools, microservices are changing the way developers structure their applications. With this article, our intention is to illustrate...

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Payara Platform 5.191 - MicroProfile 2.1

22 Mar 2019

The 5.191 Payara Platform release brought with it support for MicroProfile 2.1. For those who don't know, the only specification updated in this version of MicroProfile was OpenTracing, going from 1.1 to 1.2.

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Why Use Docker with Payara Platform? Benefits for your Business

15 Mar 2019

There's a lot of noise revolving around Docker at the moment, and with the current industry focus on the cloud, there's a good reason for that.


I hope you would already know why you might want to use Payara Platform in your business, so in this blog I'm going to focus more on why you'd...

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