Request Tracing in Payara Platform 5.192

15 Aug 2019

Request tracing has been a feature in Payara Platform for a number of years now, and over time it has evolved and changed in a number of ways. The crux of what the feature is remains the same, however: tracing requests through various parts of your applications and the Payara Platform to provide...

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Payara Platform 2019 Roadmap - Update

06 Aug 2019

It's 6 months since I posted our last roadmap update and the team have been working hard to deliver what we promised at the beginning of the year and have released both our 191 and 192 releases since then. I therefore thought it was a good time to reflect on what we've delivered so far and what...

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The Payara Monthly Catch for July 2019

01 Aug 2019

Another great month in the bag. There were awards, conferences, out of incubation releases, competitions, surveys and lots more going on.  Below you will find a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles and videos from this month. Cant wait until the end of the month? then...

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Using Jakarta Security on Tomcat and the Payara Platform

18 Jul 2019

Java EE Security API is one of the new APIs in Java EE 8. With Java EE currently being transferred and rebranded to Jakarta EE, this API will soon be rebranded to Jakarta Security, which is the term we'll use in this article. Jakarta Security is part of the Jakarta APIs, included and active in...

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The Payara Monthly Catch for June 2019

04 Jul 2019

Another very busy month for the Payara team! We had our annual "Payara Week" where we fly everyone in the company to our UK HQ for a week of close collaboration, celebration, review and fun! We also announced our new partner program "Payara Radiate".

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The Payara Monthly Roundup for May 2019

03 Jun 2019

This was a big month for the Payara Team. We just released Payara Platform 5.192, we toured all across Japan and there has been plenty going on in the Java world with the announcement by the Eclipse Foundation regarding the continued use of the javax namespace. 

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The Cloud is Driving the Future of the Java Ecosystem and Jakarta EE: Eclipse Foundation Survey Results

09 May 2019

The 2019 Jakarta EE developer survey results are in - and they show cloud deployments have increased since last year with 62% of Java developers currently building or planning cloud native architectures within the year.

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Jakarta EE 8 and Beyond

03 May 2019

Today the Eclipse Foundation have announced an Update on Jakarta EE Rights to Java Trademarks which has dramatic implications for the future of Java EE and Jakarta EE. The Payara team have only recently learned about this - so we thought we would blog about how we feel this impacts customers and...

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The Payara Monthly Roundup for April 2019

30 Apr 2019

Hello and welcome to the second issue of our monthly round up where we feature a curated list of interesting articles and videos created by the community that we have enjoyed and found interesting. Cant wait until the end of the month? then visit our twitter page where we post all these articles...

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EE Security in Relation to JASPIC, JACC and LoginModules/Realms

16 Apr 2019

Java EE 8 introduced a new API called the Java EE Security API (see JSR 375) or "EE Security" in short.


This new API, perhaps unsurprisingly given its name, deals with security in Java EE.  Security in Java EE is obviously not a new thing though, and in various ways it has been part of the...

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