Ensuring Seamless Operations and Maximum Profitability: Key Insights on Application Server Efficiency and SLAs - Part 1

Robust and efficient application servers are essential for companies relying on software applications, whether these support e-commerce platforms, financial services portals or internal operations.  To help ensure smooth operations, deliver seamless services to users and generate revenue, it’s important that the runtime in place can offer maximum uptime to reduce cost while optimizing performance, profitability and user satisfaction. 

In this blog post, we share insights from industry players on the impact of unexpected application server issues and downtime as well as how to reduce them.   

What’s New In The July 2024 Payara Platform Release

We're pleased to announce the latest releases of Payara Platform, bringing a range of updates across our Enterprise 5 and 6 editions as well as Community. These updates include bug fixes, performance optimizations, security enhancements and component upgrades to help you ensure your Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications continue to run smoothly and effectively.

Payara Micro: Here's How to Boost Speed and Efficiency

Payara Micro is designed from the ground-up to be nimble for lightweight, fast deployments. As such, it is ideal for microservices and cloud environments. However, there may be instances where you may want to squeeze every bit of performance out of it. In such cases, the minimalist configuration of Payara Micro comes in handy.

Thanks to this, you can cut Payara Micro's footprint and speed up startup times, improving the efficiency of your app even more. In effect, depending on your application, you may be able to slash the startup time by up to a third! Here's how.

Nugget Friday - InputStream To String Post Java 9

It's Nugget Friday again, and we're excited to bring you another valuable titbit to our beloved coders! In this instalment of our Friday Nugget series, we're diving into a common yet essential task for developers, especially when handling data read from a file, network or database: converting an InputStream to a String in Java. Knowing how to do this is crucial for efficiently managing IO and data processing tasks.

Migrating from GlassFish 7 to Payara Platform Enterprise

When it comes to choosing an application server for your enterprise environment, it looks like there's plenty of fish in the sea. However, what each type of fish can offer can vary considerably. Hence, selecting the right one is key to improving your business's efficiency, security, scalability and overall success.

If you're currently using GlassFish, it's time to consider casting your net wider and migrating to a more powerful fish, such as Payara Platform Enterprise. Let's explore the key benefits of making this transition and why Payara could be the perfect catch for your application and enterprise needs.

Payara Platform Project Spotlight - TechnoLynx

Innovation is at the core of some of the most exciting software applications currently available and in development. It's important to recognize these solutions, as the stories behind them can inspire developers as well demonstrate the real-world impact of a reliable and future-oriented application server in pushing boundaries in software development. In line with this commitment, we're delighted to shine a spotlight on Payara Community member, TechnoLynx, by interviewing its CEO and Founder, Balázs Keszthelyi. In this blog post, he discusses what the organization does, its applications and how it uses Payara to power key applications.

Join Live Webinar - Jakarta EE with ARM: Enhance Performance and Efficiency in the Cloud

Ready to explore the potential of ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) architecture for your Jakarta EE workload? Join our next free webinar:

Jakarta EE with ARM: Enhance Performance and Efficiency in the Cloud

Wednesday, the 10th of July 1pm BST

Register: https://www.crowdcast.io/c/jakarta-ee-with-arm-july-2024

Nugget Friday - Did You Know This About HashMaps?

It’s Friday and we kick off the maiden edition of Nugget Friday. So, what is it? Nugget Friday is going to be a series of short blog posts that focus on hidden nuggets in the various JDK releases since Java 9. In this maiden edition, we look at a very obscure static method on the HashMap class introduced in Java 19.

Payara Podcast Episode 6: On A Mission To Prove What's Real - A Conversation About AI

In the latest episode of the Payara Podcast, we dive deep into a very trending topic, Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a top expert who is committed to ensuring a sustainable and responsible use of this technology: Dr. Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers, CEO and Founder of OpenOriginsas well as a Scientific Researcher at the University of Cambridge. We discuss what AI is, the transformative potential of Gen AI, the challenges it presents and the importance of regulation to harness its benefits while mitigating risks.