Benefits of Migrating from GlassFish to Payara Server Enterprise 5

Payara Server Enterprise 5 is a cloud-native middleware application platform supporting mission critical production systems with reliable and secure deployments of Jakarta EE (Java EE) applications on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid environments. If you’ve been running GlassFish in production but are struggling with a lack of support and infrequent application server releases, bug fixes, and patches - or you want to run on JDK 11, you’ll benefit from migrating from GlassFish to Payara Server. 

The Payara Monthly Catch for July 2020

I hope you enjoy the article and news round up this month, as usual their was a lot to talk about in the Jakarta EE & MicroProfile space, as well as Java as a whole. You may notice a slight shift in emphasis towards Security themed articles this month which I hope you find useful.

In this blog you will find a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles and videos from the last month. Cant wait until the end of the month? then visit our twitter page where we post all these articles as we find them! 

Protecting Critical Ecommerce Infrastructure During Times of Crisis

With an estimated third of the global population under “lockdown” during the peak of COVID-19, organizations were forced to rapidly shift to remote working environments - prepared or not. The unplanned change in operations put significant pressures on existing systems and tested business continuity plans.Check out this whitepaper with the results of a recent survey of the community to learn about COVID-19 business challenges and how open source technology has helped. 

Payara Platform 5 Supports HTTP/2 on All JDK Versions

Payara Platform 5 brought with it an implementation of Servlet 4.0, which itself contains support for the HTTP/2 standard. HTTP/2 support in Java has been fairly obscure for JDK 8 users, causing issues for many depending on their JDK minor version. This blog hopes to clarify the state of HTTP/2 in Payara Platform 5.

If you just want a quick answer to which Payara versions support HTTP/2 on which JDK version, jump ahead to Does Payara Server Support HTTP/2?

What's New in Payara Platform July Release?

We're happy to announce that Payara Platform Community (5.2020.3) and Payara Platform Enterprise (5.21.0) Editions are out today!

The Enterprise Release (request here) features 13 improvements, 11 bug fixes & 1 component upgrade, while the Community Release (direct download here) includes 11 bug fixes, 9 improvements and 1 component upgrade. 

Here's some detail of what's new in the Community & Enterprise Editions:

Coming soon in Payara Platform Community 5.2020.3 Release: OpenAPI Refactor


The Payara Platform 5.2020.3 release (coming soon!) introduces major refactoring and architectural changes to the underlying implementation of MicroProfile OpenAPI 1.1.2.

The goal of the OpenAPI specification is to provide a standard format for documenting REST API services which is extremely useful, as it follows a standard and it can be used in a range of tools such as those provided by the Swagger suite. These let you do all sorts of things such as design, edit, and test a REST API documented by an OpenAPI document.

Payara Platform 7月リリースの新着情報

本日、Payara Platform Community (5.2020.3) および Payara Platform Enterprise (5.21.0) Editionsのリリースをお知らせできることを嬉しく思います。

Enterpriseリリース (こちらからお問い合わせください) は13の改善、11のバグ修正、1コンポーネントのアップグレードを含みます。また、Communityリリース (こちらから直接ダウンロードできます) は11のバグ修正、9の改善、1コンポーネントのアップグレードを含みます。

では、Community & Enterprise Editionsの最新情報について、いくつか詳しくお伝えします。