Join Our Live Webinar - Deploying Jakarta EE Applications with Payara Platform and Payara Cloud

Payara Cloud, introduced in November 2022, is the next generation of fully-managed cloud native application runtime that offers a flexible and powerful way to easily run Jakarta EE applications in the cloud. This webinar - REGISTER HERE - presented by the Java Champion Michael Redlich, will provide an introduction to the Payara Platform and Payara Cloud. There will then be a review of a Jakarta EE application and demonstrate how to deploy and execute it locally to Payara Server and Payara Micro, then in the cloud with Payara Cloud.

Customizing Payara Micro with Command-Line Options

Payara Micro is a microservices optimised, cloud-first Jakarta EE runtime capable of executing WAR files directly from the command line, eliminating the need for a conventional application server setup. This efficient method, coupled with its versatility and extensive functionality, makes Payara Micro an ideal choice for simplifying your Jakarta EE development process. Its wide array of command-line options is designed to simplify configuration and management, further enhancing its appeal.

Payara Cloud Hackathon is Open for Sign-ups!

We're excited to announce that the 2nd edition of Payara Hackathon is now open for sign ups! Find out more and sign up here!

The Payara Cloud Hackathon will be running from the 11th until the 31st of March and this time, we are looking for applications that tackle environmental, social, and economic sustainability challenges. With a focus on deploying to our Payara as a Service platform Payara Cloud, this is your chance to showcase the power and versatility of Jakarta EE technologies.

Winners will be spotlighted across our platforms, earn money prizes, and present their solutions to a worldwide audience.

What’s New In the February 2024 Payara Platform Release

We are happy to announce the February 2024 release of Payara Platform Enterprise 6.11.0 (request free trial here) and Payara Platform Community 6.2024.2 (download here) are available!

This month's release comes with a number of enhancements, bug fixes, component upgrades, and new capabilities aimed at improving the stability and developer experience of the Payara Platform for you. See below for the details. 

5 Features You Didn't Know About Payara Micro

Payara Micro is a lightweight Jakarta EE and MicroProfile runtime optimized for containerization and microservices. Given the rise of cloud native and containerized application deployments, Payara Micro is a great choice for when you need consistent performance from a smaller runtime. In this blog post, we take a look at five Payara Micro features that you may not know about.  

What’s New in the January 2024 Payara Platform Release?

Splashing into the new year with vigor, the Payara Engineering kitchen announces the first release of Payara Platform for 2024.

This release brings enhancements, security fixes, and bug fixes, ensuring a more robust and efficient environment for your mission critical workload.  Payara Enterprise 6.10.0 (request free trial) comes with 2 improvements, 4 bug fixes, 10 component upgrades and 2 security fixes. Payara Community 6.2024.1 (download here) also comes with 2 improvements, 4 bug fixes, 10 component upgrades and 2 security fixes.