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Should you use OpenShift to Run Payara in the Cloud?

The world is moving to containerized workflows. As a result, tools to handle containerization become more and more important.

Kubernetes is the most widely used platform for managing and orchestrating containers. But since it contains only the basic building blocks, you need additional tools if you want to set up your environment for running applications on it.

In this blog, we take a closer look at Red Hat OpenShift and the comparison with Kubernetes.

When Is It Time To Move From Payara Community to Payara Enterprise?

Which version is right for me?” … we get asked this question all the time, so we wanted to provide you with a more in-depth discussion that outlines similarities and differences to help explain why you would want to choose one or the other.  

We thought it might be helpful to enumerate some of the differences between two editions: 

Payara at the JakartaOne Livestream

The JakartaOne Livestream is a huge event in the Jakarta EE and MicroProfile calendar. Organised by the Eclipse Foundation, it is a one-day virtual conference for developers and technical business leaders.

It brings insight into the current state and future of Jakarta EE and related technologies focused on developing cloud-native Java applications.