The Payara Monthly Catch: December 2021

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Welcome to the first Monthly Catch of 2022 - looking back at the last month of 2021! We celebrate the most useful articles, videos, tips and tricks from our community in December - as well as round-up where you can find Payarans and the Payara Platform outside of our channels.

People have had time to useJava17 extensively and are providing more evaluative, rather that descriptive, viewpoints, such as Brian Vermeer looking at howthe new Long Term Release impacts insecure deserialization, and Cay Horstmann's 'The Nice, the Meh and the Ugly'. 

Big news of the month for ourJakarta EEcommunity was the release ofMicroProfile5.0! It was mainly focused on updating dependencies from javax to the jakarta namespace. This new release of the microservices-orientated specifications will be supported in Payara 6, set for Q1 2022 Beta release in Community, Q2 2022 release for Enterprise.

In less positive news, the Log4j vulnerability dominated discussion in the Java community. All our products are unaffected, but we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Log4j, especially when running on a vulnerable JDK version.

This month, perhaps the most important event of the year for Enterprise Java took place: the Eclipse FoundationJakarta One Conference! As well as Payara's Product ManagerRudy De Busscher and CEOSteve Millidgetaking part, Payara was proud to be featured in two other talks: Kevin Wittekusing Payara for a Testcontainers example,andAdam Bien highlighting our Payara Cloud product in his discussion of cloud-native technologies. 

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9 High-Performance Tips when using MySQL with JPA and Hibernate - Every relational database is unique - so it's important to look at what you can do to boost performance! Adjust your data access layer... Vlad Mihalcea explains how. 

New Java 17  Features for Improved Security & Serialization- Brian Vermeer of Snyk on Foojay - how do new features impact the problem of insecure deserialization?

A personal, evaluative view of JDK 17 - The Nice, the Meh, & the Ugly by Cay Horstmann, who doesn't pull any punches! Have a read & see if you agree.  

JUnit 5 Testing Basics - Chandra Guntur for Foojay continuing his JUnit series - using JUnit 5 annotations now in an actual example. Have a read.

Arrays of Wisdom of the Ancients- The Java language & JDK Class Library have two distinct, yet connected, ways to group elements: arrays & collections. Aleksey Shipilëv here attempts to answer a controversial question: which pattern is faster?

Package by Feature, Not by Layer - A short but sweet article by Expedia Group - it is suggested that organising Java apps by layer needlessly encourages large, unwieldy classes, & you should consider packaging by feature instead. 

Get to Know Jakarta MVC- Ivar Grimstad provides a spotlight on this Jakarta EE specification - with a recap of its history & status, & a brief introduction to the technology.

What Is Eclipe Foundation MicroProfile? - JRebel Java explains: MicroProfile is a set of Enterprise Java APIs for the optimal development of cloud-native microservices. Payara is one of its implementations.

5 Java Coding Skills I Didn't Learn at University- Helen Scott in a short & sweet blog for Java advent - your Java learning journey does not stop when you graduate, far from it.

Java: Creating Terabyte Sized Queues with Low-Latency - This DZone article sees Speedment
CTO Per-Åke Minborg describe how to how to leverage an open source library to create large, persisted queues with high performance & low latency.

Starting with information security - Otávio Santana busts myths & teaches us how to understand information security as a methodology. This is a clear & comprehensive guide, perfect for passing to managers who may be asking, what exactly IS DevSecOps ?

6 Essential Data Structures Every Java Programmer should Learn in 2022- JavinPaul shows you some different ways you can structure your programs - with useful diagrams. Read here.

New Developer Friendly Features After Java - Piotr Minkowski describes the most significant & developer-friendly features of Java since the 8th version. 30% of respondents to our October survey use Java 8 - so hopefully this will be useful.

Six Features from Java 12 to 17 to Get Excited About!- Christopher Bielak for InfoQ. It can be intimidating to migrate to Java 17 as a large project, but maybe these features will help you make your decision..

5 things you probably didn't know about Java Concurrency - A N M Bazlur Rahman tells us about key threading concepts in this concise, useful piece. Translate these to Jakarta EE with the #JakartaEE Concurrency specification.

Where Is The Payara Fish This Month?  

It's the month of Christmas for many Payarans and Payara Platform users - so our fish logo was the model for a tree decoration!

Payara Bauble Christmas cut

Videos & Podcasts

Java Security & the Java Ecosystem- The latest GOTO podcast features recent Payara collaborator Nicolas Frankel, Developer Advocate at Hazelcast. He discusses Java security & the changing JVM ecosystem. Listen now.
All about test automation: best practices with Angie Jones - This Bitrise podcast covers the role of AI in software testing, scaling with your test suite & which tests to automate & which to do manually. 
New Video: Hype-Driven Development: Don't Fall Victim! - Last month, Jean Yang of Akita Software tweeted: solutions for big companies might NOT be best for the majority. Payara's Rudy De Busscher agreed & explains more. Choose solutions that work for YOUR business. On Rudy's potential red-flag list for Hype-Driven Development include Kubernetes when not necessary, Ahead-Of-Time Compilation, reactive programming, Event Stream Programming and Function as a Service.

7 Reasons to Switch to JDK 17 as a Jakarta EE Developer- The Jakarta One Livestream 2021 is now available as a series of YouTube videos - including Payara Product Manager Rudy De Busscher on what the new Long-Term Release means as a Jakarta EE developer.

Back to basics: threads - Adam Dubiel talks about threads for Devoxx Poland - answering questions such as where does the JVM take threads from? and how much does a thread cost? Watch this clear & precise explanation here.

Deep Learning with Modern Java Code - There is a lot of excitement & interest around machine learning machine learning & Java! Make sure you are ready to join in the conversation. Adam Bien talked to Zoran Severac of Deep Netts.

2021 End-Of-Year Wrap Up (Coffee Club)-  Watch for reflections on Java 17 & IntelliJ IDEA's 20th birthday. We enjoyed Dalia Sheasha championing Eclipse Java IDE as both IDEs work with Payara!

Community News

MicroProfile 5.0 Release with Updated Jakarta EE 9.1 Dependencies - Emily Jiang explains more in this article. 
Eclipse Java IDE 20th Anniversary - Congratulations on 2 decades of Eclipse Foundation IDE - Payara is proud to have a Payara Server plugin you can use with your Eclipse IDE.
Watch the celebratory video.

Featuring Payara and Payarans!

Live From Voxxed Days Bucharest: Java Clouds and Cost Driven Architectures - Adam Bien
suggests Payara as one of the runtimes you could use when implementing microservices and when going serverless - you don't need GraalVM !

Testcontainers Jakarta Demo - Kevin Wittek uses Payara Micro to demonstrate testing Jakarta EE applications with Testcontainers. Take a look at the GitHub repository for his JakartaOne Conference demonstration. 

Our CEO & Founder Steve Millidge featured in the Eclipse Foundation Community Newsletter - As part of its Jakarta EE focus this month, Steve discusses the Jakarta Concurrency specification - what it does, why it's important, where it is going. 

Log4Shell in a nutshell- Micah Silverman provides a useful guide to the vulnerability: it will help explain it to non-developers in your business! Remember, it's NOT found in Payara products but if using it, make sure you upgrade!