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Rudy De Busscher

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Impressions from the JVM Conference

04 Dec 2018

The JVM Conference is a smaller conference with two tracks. But smaller doesn’t mean it is not worth attending. There is a very broad variety in topics from plain Java SE, backend development, to micro-services and containers in cloud environments with sessions aimed at Java programmers,...

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OpenJDK Support - What You Need to Know?

22 Nov 2018

With the new release cadence of a major release of Java every 6 months, which was introduced a year ago with Java 9, a lot of uncertainty about an update strategy arose.

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Eclipse GlassFish Nightly Builds

22 Oct 2018


The announcement that the Java EE projects would be open-sourced completely came about a year ago now, meaning the Java (EE) community would receive control over it.

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Installing Payara Server on Mac

18 Oct 2018


This blog explains the setup of Payara Server on MacOS systems and how you can define a specific JVM which will be used to run the server.

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Learn More about Secure JAX-RS at EclipseCon

09 Oct 2018


With the rise of the micro-service architecture, we have seen also a shift from SOAP to REST as the means of exchanging data between parties. REST and JAX-RS are gaining a lot of popularity outside the micro-service world, also.


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