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Using Hibernate 5 on Payara Server

Hibernate is the object/relational mapping tool that handles mapping of Java classes to relational tables and Java types to SQL data type. It’s a well-known framework in the Enterprise Java eco-system since it’s being actively developed for the last 16 years.

With this article, I’m going to show the ways of using Hibernate inside a sample application – source code available here – and deploy it onto Payara Server. I will be using the latest version of Hibernate, which is 5.2.10.Final at the time of writing.


Using Payara Embedded as an Arquillian Container Inside IntelliJ IDEA

With this article, I'm going to integrate Payara Embedded with Arquillian by having it defined inside a sample Maven based application - source code available here - which employs an integration test implemented by the Arquillian framework.  You can also find our previous post about Arquillian and the Payara Server available here, but this time I’ll take it one step further and move onto the IDE side. In this example, I will execute tests just like any JUnit test; meaning the test will be executed directly through the IDE with help of a right-click. I will also configure Payara Embedded as the Arquillian container inside the IDE.


Bootiful Enterprise Applications powered by Spring Boot & hosted on Payara Micro

We have already introduced Spring Boot to Payara Micro, the new fish on the block!, by implementing Spring Boot based RESTful web services and hosted on Payara Micro. While implementing it, we didn’t deal with any of the XML configurations or dependency management needed for the Spring framework with the help of  the Spring Boot