Devoxx 2015 - 20 Years of Java

27 Nov 2015

November 2015 saw another sold out Devoxx, this year themed around the 20th anniversary of Java. Despite a theme looking to the past, there were a lot of talks around things coming to Java in the future, particularly with Java 9 and project Jigsaw


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Bootiful Enterprise Applications powered by Spring Boot & hosted on Payara Micro

21 Nov 2015

We have already introduced Spring Boot to Payara Micro, the new fish on the block!, by implementing Spring Boot based RESTful web services and hosted on Payara Micro. While implementing it, we didn’t deal with any of the XML configurations or dependency management needed for the Spring framework...

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Badass Microservices with Payara Micro at Devoxx 2015

20 Nov 2015

'Deploy, Build and Scale Your Apps with Payara Micro' by Navin Surtani. In this short Quickie Session Navin Surtani demonstrates the ease of deployment of applications and services to Payara Micro, along with showing how simple it is to build and scale a cluster of instances running these...

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Payara Micro - Demo

16 Nov 2015

'Running Java EE 7 Based Applications Using Payara Micro'. In this short demo David Winters, Payara Support Engineer, will show you how to start Payara Micro, how to run web applications on it and how you can use Payara Micro API to launch Payara Micro server instances from within your own Java...

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Payara Server load balancing with NGINX

10 Nov 2015
 This short blog post will show you how to use NGINX to load balance between 2 or more Payara Server instances using the sticky session.
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