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Andy Overton

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Using JASPIC to Secure a Web Application in Payara Server

03 Mar 2016


In this blog post I will provide a brief introduction to JASPIC and then take a walk through setting up a basic demo using JASPIC to secure a simple web application in Payara Server.


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An introduction to connection pools in Payara Server

21 Jan 2015

In this blog post, we take an introductory look at connection pools and how to configure them in Payara Server using best practices.


What is a connection pool?

A connection pool is a store of database connections that can be used and (most importantly) re-used to connect to a database.



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Una introducción a los pools de conexiones en Payara Server

21 Jan 2015

En este articulo vamos a realizar una introducción general a los pools de conexiones y las mejores practicas de configuración para Payara Server.


Qué es un pool de conexiones?

Un pool de conexiones es un almacén de conexiones de bases de datos relacionales que se pueden utilizar y, más...

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