An Introduction to Connection Pools in Payara Server 5

02 May 2018

In this blog post, we take an introductory look at connection pools and how to configure them in Payara Server using best practices.


(last update 22/08/2019)


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Using PostgreSQL with Payara Server

18 Jan 2018

PostgreSQL is a fully SQL-Compliant relational database you can use with Payara Server and with no commercial licensing requirements it is well suited for production environments. This blog will show you how to set up a new PostgreSQL installation on Ubuntu and connect to it from Payara Server.

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Enhanced EJB Pool Controls in Payara Server

04 May 2017

In prior releases of Payara Server, it was not possible to control the maximum number of concurrent Stateless EJB instances in Payara Server. It was, however, possible to control the number of pooled Stateless EJB instances, as well as concurrent MDB instances. These features were available in...

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Una introducción a los pools de conexiones en Payara Server

21 Jan 2015

En este articulo vamos a realizar una introducción general a los pools de conexiones y las mejores practicas de configuración para Payara Server.


Qué es un pool de conexiones?

Un pool de conexiones es un almacén de conexiones de bases de datos relacionales que se pueden utilizar y, más...

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