MicroProfile in Action on Payara Japan Tour 2019

11 Jun 2019

A lot of things were completely new for me last week: my first time in Japan, first time on a JUG tour, first time within the Japan Java community. And, it was my first time giving a talk which was translated by an interpreter. I also did live coding during my talk for the first time. It was...

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Payara Teamは初めてとなる日本全国ツアーを行いました

04 Jun 2019

2019年5月、Payara Teamは初めてとなる日本全国ツアーを行いました。過去、東京と大阪ではJUGと共催でイベントを行ったことはあるのですが、今回は2週間で日本全国5都市をまわるという大きなものでした。

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