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Jakarta EE marks a new era

It is highly likely that most people involved in the Java EE community are already aware of the open sourcing of Java EE and the move to the Eclipse Foundation. For those unaware, however, here's a quick primer:

Recent Additions in MicroProfile Config 1.1

Configuration is an important aspect of programming. However, a standard approach to it has been missing in Java for a long time. A year ago, the MicroProfile project decided to change that. I'm glad I could be part of it and help design the new API. One year later, a common configuration API aiming to set a standard is a reality, with several released versions and multiple projects that provide it. Payara Server and Payara Micro have supported MicroProfile Config API since version We added support for Config 1.1 in version and completed the support for all Eclipse MicroProfile 1.2 features in version So let's summarize what's new since Config 1.0.

Payara and Zulu: The Perfect Open Source Java Combination

Thanks to Sun Microsystems, Java has an open source history dating back over ten years. 


In 2006, the OpenJDK project was announced.  It took a while to remove some lingering proprietary components but, with build 53 of OpenJDK 7, we finally had a fully open source version of the JDK.  This also became the source code for the reference implementation of the Java SE standard as of Java SE 7.