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Jadon Ortlepp is Digital Marketing Coordinator at Payara Services. He has over 10 years of marketing and content writing experience, and has been with the team since early 2018. During that time, he has travelled across the world attending conferences on behalf of Payara Services: promoting our products, meeting community members and flying the flag for our stable, supported Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications. He is a Java EE and Jakarta EE enthusiast and active member of the community, regularly organising events and content with the likes of Azul, IBM Developer, Snyk and Foojay. An SEO, PPC, and content marketing expert, he manages digital marketing at Payara Services including advertising, blog content, videos, social media and more.

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How to Develop Applications with Minimal Security Risks

When we develop software we don't expect to be hacked or compromised. We build great new software for the needs of our clients. The people that use our software expect that our systems are safe and data will not be compromised. To ensure that safety we need to take responsibility and develop our applications in such a way that we can meet these expectations. Since the situation is real that our application is hacked or compromised. In the guide below, we discuss 7 pointers that can help you develop applications with a minimal security risk.

The Payara Monthly Catch from October 2020

As we approach the release of Jakarta EE 9, we’ve rounded up blogs and podcasts that are looking ahead to the transition. We also found several useful articles on improving your use of Kubernetes in the Cloud, which continues to be a hot-button topic!

In this round up you will find a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles and videos from the last month. Can't wait until the end of the month? Visitour Twitter page where we post all these articles as we find them!