The Payara Monthly Catch from October 2020

Photo of Jadon Ortlepp by Jadon Ortlepp

As we approach the release of Jakarta EE 9, we’ve rounded up blogs and podcasts that are looking ahead to the transition. We also found several useful articles on improving your use of Kubernetes in the Cloud, which continues to be a hot-button topic!

In this round up you will find a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles and videos from the last month. Can't wait until the end of the month? Visitour Twitter page where we post all these articles as we find them! 

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EKS vs GKE vs AKS - Evaluating Kubernetes in the Cloud. - Six years after the release of kubernetes, Michael Foster provides an overview for Stackrox of managed Kubernetes offerings.

Is Java Startup Performance a concern for you and your Java development team? - In this YouTube video, Markus Karg discusses how a major pain point of Java can be slow startup time - and what can be done to combat this, including using the latest JDK.

Updating Enterprise Projects from Java 8 to 11. - Victor Orozco lists his key considerations, which include verifying server compatibility. Payara is featured as one of the most popular Java Enterprise servers, already compatible with 11.

Top Java Development Trends to watch in 2020. - Here's a list from of the most striking trends in 2020 for Java development.

All You Need to Know About Active MQ. - This blog from Stan Georgian provides a useful overview of ActiveMQ.  

Kubernetes Operators in Depth - James Laverack explains how Operators can streamline kubernetes-native applications, or help the DevOps team reduce the complexity of existing systems, in this thorough InfoQ article.

Pagination with JPA and Hibernate - Huge results sets put a burden on your Java application. In this blog, Thorben Janssen describes how pagination with JPA and Hibernate splits sets into multiple parts, to combat this.

Understanding Jakarta EE 9 - The upcoming Jakarta EE release will see the namespace move from javax to jakarta. In this blog, Jan Supol provides a checklist of will need to change in your applications - a very helpful breakdown!

9 High-Performance Tips when using MySQL with JPA and Hibernate - In this blog, Vlad Mihalcea lists ways to boost performance when using MySQL, JPA and Hibernate - illustrated with useful diagrams!

Immutable Collections in Java using Sealed Types - In this blog, Donald Raab demonstrates the most significant new feature of JDK15 as a practical use case: Project Amber's Sealed Types.

Monolithic to microservices: How design patterns help ensure migration success - Dmitry Kornilov provides a clear overview of the popular strangler pattern , and cites Payara as a leading vendor when moving Java EE applications to a microservice architecture. 

Best IDEs in Java for App Development 2020 - This new DZone article lists some of the most popular Java IDEs.

In Ivar Grimstad's latest Hashtag Jakarta EE blog - #43 - He provides a useful breakdown of the status of Jakarta EE 9 (specifications approved and ballots open), alongside other key Java EE / Jakarta EE updates.

Why we chose Java for our High-Frequency Trading application - It's possible "to achieve high performance and low latency while enjoying the simplicity and business-oriented nature of Java" explains Jad Sarmo.

Kubernetes with GitLab CI/CD: Integration Testing & Custom Domain - Great to see Jelastic create a gitlab repository to deploy a Payara-based application, to test this kubernetes integration. 

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Videos & Podcasts

Record Classes” with Gavin Bierman - Inside Java podcast - In this episode of Inside Java, David Delabassée and Gavin Bierman discuss popular new Project Amber feature "record classes" - including how they may reduce verbosity of the code. What do you think of this Java innovation? 

79th live questions and answers - Adam Bien's latest Q+A covers data source definition and deploying a JDBC data source in Payara (16.52 - 18.03), as well as using Payara and MicroProfile with WebSockets (28.12 - 31.03).

Community Chat with Edwin Derks - A great discussion between Ivar Grimstad and Edwin Derks, covering hopes for Jakarta EE 9, options for a changing release cadence and Edwin's powerful summary of why you should get involved in Jakarta EE.

"The Z Garbage Collector (ZGC)” - Inside Java podcast - In this episode, David Delabassée discusses the scalable low-latency garbage collector ZGC, with project lead Per Liden. 

State of Java & Code Review Best Practices - A fascinating listen from JetBrains’ Trisha Gee on the Tech Lead Journal podcast, hosted by Henry Ken. She discusses the benefits of 25 years of Java development, maps out a journey from Java 8, dispels garbage collector myths and champions using cloud with Java. 

MicroProfile, your Cloud-Native companion for Enterprise Java - Payara’s Rudy de Busscher's demonstration at Eclipse Con this month focused on using MicroProfile with Cloud Native Foundation tools like Prometheus and Jaeger Tracing. 

Community News

GitHub Welcomes the OpenJDK Project! - The OpenJDK community is welcomed to GitHub by its Director of Developer Relations Martin Woodward. OpenJDK joins projects including the Apache Maven Project, Gradle and Apache Spark in taking advantage of the GitHub platform's Java-orientated features.

Payara Platform Support for IntelliJ Plugin (Enterprise & Community) - Payara’s IntelliJ IDEA Tools provide integration of Payara Platform into IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate. The Plugin allows configuring & using the Payara Platform, for deploying & managing applications from Intellij IDEA. Read more in Payara’s Gaurav Gupta’s blog. 

The Road to Jakarta EE 9 - The delayed release of Jakarta EE 9 - supporting the new Jakarta package namespace - is expected this month. Here, Michael Redlich talks to release lead Kevin Sutter. A must-read for anyone in the Enterprise Java Community!