Panel Discussion: Minimising Security Risks when Developing your Applications

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United by our passion for Open Source, we are very excited to be teaming up with IBM for another panel event. In this session we will be discussing all things security. How can you minimise security risks when developing your applications?


On the panel, we are thrilled to welcome:

Rudy De Busscher (Payara), Brian Vermeer (Snyk), and Stefan Liesche (IBM).

Rudy De Busscher loves to create (web) applications with the Java EE platform and MicroProfile implementations and is currently working for Payara Services Limited in the Service Team. He helps customers, writes technical content, is part of some MicroProfile implementations and advocates the Payara Products in various ways. He is active in the IT industry for more than 20 years and created many applications for customers. He is also a big fan of OpenSource and helped in various OpenSource projects like DeltaSpike, PrimeFaces, and Apache Myfaces. He is also passionate about Web Application Security using OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and JWT. He maintains the Octopus OpenSource project and is a member of the Jakarta EE Security API team.

Brian Vermeer is a Developer Advocate for Snyk and Software Engineer with over 10 years of hands-on experience in creating and maintaining software. He is passionate about Java, (Pure) Functional Programming and Cybersecurity. Brian is an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, Utrecht JUG Co-lead, Virtual JUG organizer and Co-lead at MyDevSecOps. He is a regular international speaker on mostly Java-related conferences like JavaOne, Oracle Code One, Devoxx BE, Devoxx UK, Jfokus, JavaZone and many more. Besides all that Brian is a military reserve for the Royal Netherlands Air Force and a Taekwondo Master / Teacher.

Stefan Liesche is the Architect for IBM Hybrid Cloud on Z. Stefan is focused on security, transparency and protection of data and services in flexible cloud environments. Stefan worked in various areas as Technical leader within IBM, most recently as Chief Architect for IBM Cloud Hyper protect Services and IBMs Watson Talent Portfolio where Stefan was building AI driven solutions that transform recruiting and career decisions within global organisations, that not only enhances quality of decisions, but also allows HR functions to enhance fairness and tackle biases. Stefan also innovated within the Exceptional Web Experience products for several years with a focus on open solutions and integration. Stefan has more than 20 years of experience as technical leader, collaborating with partners and customers through joint projects, as well as within IBM's product development organisation.

Jadon Ortlepp and Miriam Oglesby created this series of panel discussions. Bringing together experts and communities in the spirit of collaboration and open source to share, exchange and discuss hot developer topics.

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