'Serverless Kubernetes without YAML' - Adam Bien's interview with Patrik Duditš

Photo of Jadon Ortlepp by Jadon Ortlepp

In a recent episode of the Airhacks podcast, host Adam Bien interviewed Payaran Patrik Duditš who is in charge of our Payara Cloud project.

In trueAirHacks fashion, Adam and Patrik discussed Patrick's history with computing and the Java ecosystem: how Patrick got started with Payara, working on the Jakarta EE TCK and then how  he lead the evolution of the Payara Cloud project, which is almost ready for its first release(register your interest here!). They also talked about why Payara Micro is such a great fit and the potential of hosting on the cloud using Kubernetes and eliminating YAML from the developer experience.

Payara Cloud is a runtime that runs and scales Jakarta EE/MicroProfile applications seamlessly. Unlike building an application server deployment on a Cloud Infrastructure as a Service or on raw Kubernetes, Payara Cloud takes care of provisioning infrastructure, installation, configuration, deployment and scaling of a user ’s application.

Payara Cloud is a 'serverless' solution where the user does not need to worry about application servers, instances, domains, hosts, Docker containers or any of the traditional concepts. The user brings their deployment war and Payara Cloud does the rest!

Listen to the full podcast here.