What's new in Payara Server 153 ?

29 Jul 2015
Payara Blue, Payara Micro API, JCache Injection, Updated Start-Domain Command & more!


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Upcoming Feature: Payara Micro HTTP & HTTPS auto-binding

17 Jul 2015
Taking inspiration from the way the integrated Hazelcast automatically searches for an open port when clustering, I decided to add in a similar feature for Payara Micro when trying to bind its HTTP and HTTPS ports.


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A Vagrantfile for Payara Server

02 Jul 2015
This is a preview of a personal project I've been working on which I'm sharing (through Payara) with the community, hence it's not exactly polished and there's still plenty more I'd like to do with it - although I could probably say that about most of the things I work on in my spare time.
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