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Payara Micro Clustering

15 Jun 2015

Payara Micro is our new embedded distribution that was part of our latest release.

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Working with GlassFish & Payara Server Dotted Names

09 Jun 2015

Many of you will know of some of the common asadmin commands, such as start-domain, create-cluster, and change-admin-password, some of which I covered in a previous blog written for GlassFish (which still holds true for Payara Server).

Unfortunately, there is not a specific asadmin command for...

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Java EE 7 is Doing Fine in Production This Spring

05 Jun 2015
Recently Juergen Hoeller from Spring put out a blog implying Java EE 7 is not fit for production and denigrating some fine open source servers in the process.
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How Micro is Payara Micro?

05 Jun 2015
Elastic Middleware describes middleware capable of expanding and contracting quickly on demand. A common example is the ability for an application server cluster to quickly expand the number of cluster nodes to meet an unpredicted surge in the level of traffic.
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