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Flexisaf Uses Payara Platform on the Cloud

Our Payara Enterprise Support Customer, Flexisaf, is using the Payara Platform successfully on the cloud.  Their CTO, Al Amin Ibrahim, explains further details about their deployment architecture and how our support services has helped them with crucial challenges:

Payara Services a Finalist in the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards

We are thrilled to announce that for the second year running Payara is a finalist in the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards in the SME Apprentice Employer of the Year category.

The finalist ‘Black tie’ event will be held at the Tree Tops Pavilion, West Midlands Safari Park on November 14th. This year, Marc Woods, British Paralympic Swimmer and Gold Medallist will be the host.

Payara Services Builds a Stronger Community and Product Through Customer Surveys – You Can, Too

Love it or hate it, the internet has turned media from a one-to-many communication channel to one that can either reach people one-on-one or open the doors to communicating in a many-to-many direction. Social media and messaging apps further increase the opportunities to reach your customers and invite customers to reach you.