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The Payara Monthly Catch June 2023

Jump for joy - it's the Payara Monthly Catch! 

This month's pick includes:

  • Articles about Java 21 new features and additions 
  • Conversations with Java greats like Jakob Jenkov, Trisha Gee & Rafael Del Nero 
  • IDE tips & tricks 
  • Apache tool deep dives 

& more!

We round up the very best content from outside Payara - ourJakarta EEandMicroProfilecommunity - as well as sharing Payara's own resources, and fun news from the dynamic team with a spring in their step ⬇

Exploring the JSON-P API: Simplifying JSON Processing In Jakarta EE 10

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) has become the de facto standard for data interchange in modern web applications. Its simplicity, readability, and compatibility have made it a popular choice for representing structured data. The JSON-P (JSON Processing) API provides a powerful and convenient way to parse, generate, transform, and query JSON data on the Jakarta EE Platform.  In this blog post, we will explore the fundamentals of the JSON-P API, its core functionalities, and how it empowers you to work with JSON effortlessly in your Jakarta EE applications. 

Join our webinar! From Challenge to Triumph: A Case Study of the The Return on Investment of Payara Enterprise for Decision Makers

Join our online event on Thursday the 29th of June - register here -  where we delve into the critical pain points faced by companies and demonstrate how Payara Enterprise can empower organizations to overcome these challenges and achieve remarkable success.

In today's fast-paced business landscape, decision makers are constantly striving to maximize their return on investment while facing numerous hurdles along the way. Whether it's ensuring high availability, scalability, security, or seamless integration of applications, businesses need a robust and reliable platform that can address these pain points effectively.

Getting Started With Apache Camel On Jakarta EE 10

Apache Camel is an open source enterprise integration framework that helps you connect different systems and applications together with as little effort as possible. It provides a simple and powerful way to define and implement message-based routing and mediation rules. It is an implementation of the patterns described in the book Enterprise Integration Patterns by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf.

In simple terms, Apache Camel acts as a "translator" or "bridge" between different systems. It allows you to easily route, transform, and process messages as they move from one system to another. It supports a wide range of communication protocols and data formats (JSON, XML, YAML, etc.), making it easier to integrate different technologies and applications.

Need Stable Payara 5? Payara 5 Community is No Longer The Answer!

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you and your business? 

Need stable Payara 5. I am using latest community version.

I am using Payara 5 Community Edition and I plan to upgrade to Payara 5 Enterprise Edition.
What would be the costs?

We are using Payara Version 5.2022.5 and for some of our customers we want to move to Payara Enterprise to be up-to-date with current security patches.

We are currently using the Community edition of Payara and would like to stay with Payara 5. How much do the enterprise licenses cost to continue to do this?

I currently use Payara 5 Community and have done for many years. Payara 6 Community uses Java 11 but my product doesn't currently work with Java 11 so I would like to understand the cost of Payara 5 Enterprise. 

Our inbox is full of messages like these! Sounds familiar? It might be time to move to Payara 5 Enterprise. 

What's New In The June 2023 Payara Platform Release?

Coming at the dawn of summer, the June release of the Payara Platform is out with enhancements and bug fixes. Payara Platform Enterprise 6.3.0 comes with 2 bug fixes, 1 improvement, and 1 component upgrade. Payara Platform Community 6.2023.6 also comes with 2 bug fixes, 1 component upgrade, and 1 improvement. 

Payara 5 Enterprise will also receive a new release: Payara Platform Enterprise 5.52.0, available only to those using Payara Enterprise. If you are still with Payara 5 Community, remember it is discontinued,contact usto find out how you can still receive a supported platform.  

Keep Up With Java Platform Changes Through The Java Almanac

Oracle, together with the Java Community over the last few years, have changed the release cadence of the Platform. With biannual releases, the Java of today is a remarkable departure from Java 8. With all the rapid advancement of the language comes the problem of keeping up as a developer.

Thankfully, Java Champions Marc R. Hoffmann and Cay S. Horstmann came up with the Java Almanac website. JA is a great resource that gives you both a summary and detailed overview of changes on the Java Platform from Java 1.0 to Java 22.

The changes are organised in a tabular format with details, links to the respective API and a helpful comparison page. It also has a download page with options to download from any of the JDK distros. All in all, Java Almanac is a great resource to keep abreast of the new release cadence of the Java Platform. 

Watch the Recording: Enterprise Java Application Development With Jakarta EE and Vaadin

Watch this webinar recording to get an overview of the Vaadin framework and learn how to use it to build modern web applications on the Jakarta EE Platform in pure Java, without any frontend framework.  Find out more about the core features of Jakarta EE, like its dependency injection (Jakarta CDI) and persistence (Jakarta Persistence) APIs. Additionally, you will learn how to use Vaadin and Jakarta EE to build responsive web applications that can run on different devices and browsers.