The Payara Monthly Catch June 2023

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Jump for joy - it's the Payara Monthly Catch! 

This month's pick includes:

  • Articles about Java 21 new features and additions 
  • Conversations with Java greats like Jakob Jenkov, Trisha Gee & Rafael Del Nero 
  • IDE tips & tricks 
  • Apache tool deep dives 

& more!

We round up the very best content from outside Payara - ourJakarta EEandMicroProfilecommunity - as well as sharing Payara's own resources, and fun news from the dynamic team with a spring in their step ⬇


 So get stuck in, we hope you like it!


Mastering the Object Mother- Jonas Geiregat shows you how the Object Mother concept empowers developers to effortlessly generate intricate test objects, enhance code readibility, maintainability & overall testing efficiency.

Class Loader Hierarchies- Understanding class loader hierarchies is essential when developing Java agents, especially if these agents are instrumenting code.

Structured Concurrency in JDK 21- A Leap Forward in Concurrent Programming - The new approach treats groups of related tasks running in different threads as a single unit of work, streamlining error handling & cancellation.

Everything Bad in Java is Good for You👿 - Nulls & checked exceptions are often promoted as "bad things" in Java, but Shai Almog argues this isn't the case...

The best way to use one-to-one table relationships- Vlad Mihalcea teaches you what one-to-one table relationships are, & the best way to use them when using a relational database system. 

The Anatomy of a JVM- Frank Delporte looks under the hood of the Java umbrella: what is the JDK vs JRE vs JVM, & how does the Java Virtual Machine work?

Sweating the small stuff in Java - Donald Raab tells the story of small FixedSizeCollection types in Eclipse Collections. 

Exploring Java 21's Intriguing Additions🧐 - A N M Bazlur Rahman tells you about a few notable features that stand out in the upcoming Java 21, in an overview of their functionalities & potential use cases.

Difference Between OpenJDK Docker Images: Slim vs Slim-Stretch vs Stretch vs Alpine- Selecting the right OpenJDK Docker image is critical since it can impact the performance, size, & security of our software. This article should help you out!

Sticky sessions with Apache APISIX- Sticky sessions, also known as session affinity, is a mechanism by which a routing component that acts as a facade always routes a request to the same underlying upstream node.

Exploring the Depths of Java: A Comprehensive Conversation with Jakob Jenkov - Experienced Java developer & AWS Cloud Solutions Architect talks about the current state of Java & its future - a fascinating read!

Podcasts & Videos 

Introduction & pitfalls of Java's new concurrency model by David VlijmincxJava 20 will preview one of the most anticipated features: virtual threads & structured concurrency. David gives practical advice in this video.

How Log4j,SLF4j, Jakarta Commons Logging, Logback & Reload4j happened- ceki talks Adam Bien in a follow-up conversation to his session in May - all things Java logging!  
Eclipse 2023-06 Java IDE Improvements- Check out the June improvements.

15 Tips to Boost Your Productivity in Visual Studio- Dalia Shea shares cool tricks to make your life easier.
Foojay Podcast 26 - The Future of Source Control & CI/CD - New podcast features Java greats Trisha Gee, Ixchel Ruiz & Pierre-Étienne Meunier speaking to Hanno Embregts & Frank Delporte about automation, version control & more.

New Adam Bien AirHacks podcast with someone we share a lot on Payara -Rafael del Nero - They discuss learning Java EE , encapsulating code with Java, accessing EJBs via remote interfaces & more!

June Guides

For developers - this guide will help you create much more readable and maintainable applications that consume REST services in a typesafe way.

For decision makers - this guide explores how enterprise support can help your organisation maximise its investments in Java development.

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Payara News

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Payara can now publish authoritative cybersecurity vulnerability information about its products via the CVE Program. Fabio Turizo, pictured, has been the leader of this initiative and says: “Becoming a CVE Numbering Authority creates an extra level of dependability for those using our products and continues our commitment in adhering to and maintaining the best possible security standards."

This is because vulnerabilities will now be part of the standardized and publicly disclosed CVE List, resulting in time and cost savings for those using Payara products. Security issues can be discussed, dealt with and prevented through use of a trusted, standardized catalogue.

It's been a month since our company-wide annual conference, where team members were flown from their homes across the globe to Prague, Capital of the Czech Republic. At the event, we became closer to one another, put our ideas for Payara’s future success on the table, and had some fun across all teams.

Find out more about the specifics of what we got up to inthe blog and see lots of great pictures - and if it all looks good, make sure tocheck out our open job opportunities. 

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Our CEO and Founder Steve Millidge is a Project Lead on the Jakarta EE project, and he wrote that Jakarta EE 11 is 'the first big leap for Jakarta'. Are you excited?  

  • Jakarta EE/Java EE isn't suitable for microservices? Incorrect! Watch our brand-new video animation to find out aboutPayara Micro,the platform of choice for containerized Jakarta EE (Java EE) microservices deployments.

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