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The Top Musical Genres for Programmers and When They are Most Applicable

Being both a programmer and a musician, I find the best way to keep me rolling forward in any situation is to stick the earphones in, smack on a good tune and get lost in the well composed world of (preferably not) spaghetti code and appropriate jams…


But what are the appropriate jams?


Today, I’ll talk about my favourite genres of music and where I believe them to be applicable in my programming work cycle.

Supporting Our Community... with Pancakes!

As a company, Payara takes community very seriously and likes to participate in supporting events in the local area. One of the most recent events that I was able to participate in was the Pancake Race held by Malvern Rotary Club this year on (you guessed it!) Pancake Day - Tuesday, the 5th of March. 

Being Welcomed As A New Starter

When I started at Payara, the company treated me and the other new starting apprentice to a meal out with the rest of the engineering team.


I think most people would agree with me when I say starting at a new job is daunting. And furthermore, I think most would agree that getting to know your new colleagues can be a large factor in that. Honestly, that was how I was feeling about coming into the new role and approaching this meet-the-team opportunity. But in reality? It made the experience much easier and much more comfortable!