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Debbie is a Technical Content writer at Payara Services, whilst Rudy De Busscher works as a technical expert for the Sales and Marketing teams. Debbie is an expert in Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, cloud computing and DevOps technologies - in particularly, making these subjects concise and accessible for a range of audiences. Rudy, in his role at Payara, helps both Payara Enterprise customers and Community users, writes technical content, contributes to MicroProfile implementations and promotes the Payara Platform. Debbie and Rudy often collaborate. Rudy’s technical knowledge meets with Debbie’s marketing insight - positioning content for our specific audience and ensuring it is clear and concise for all readers.

Did You Know? If Payara Server Seems Slow, Try This

The 2021 Payara Platform Survey was completed in April. Our surveys help us shape the future of Payara Server and Payara Micro as they give us an idea what features and enhancements the community would like to see in future releases. Surveys also provide an opportunity for you to tell us what needs to improve and after finding 14% of respondents indicated the speed of deployment is not as fast as they would like, we wanted to share a tip.

Payara Platform 2021 Survey Results

Additional MicroProfile Config Sources Added in Payara Platform Enterprise 5.26.0

The March Payara Platform Enterprise Edition release (request here) includes 3 bug fixes, 4 improvements, and 7 additional MicroProfile Config Sources. You can see a more detailed overview of the fixes, improvements, and new features included in Payara Platform Enterprise Edition 5.26.0 in the Release Notes here.

Configuration of applications should not be done within the application itself, but externally. We’ve expanded the sources from where the configuration values could be read to support third-party configuration services and cloud providers in the March Payara Enterprise release:

Use MicroProfile 4.0 Specs in Payara Platform Community 5.2021.1

In the December Payara Platform Community release, we added two MicroProfile specification release candidates for you to try out: the MP Health 3.0 and MP JWT Auth 1.2 specifications. (Read more about that in this blog: Test MicroProfile Specs in Payara Platform Community 5.2020.7 Release). In our February Payara Platform Community release, support for MicroProfile 4.0 is complete with the final versions of the MicroProfile specifications, and we are now pending compatibility recognition from the Eclipse Foundation.