Additional MicroProfile Config Sources Added in Payara Platform Enterprise 5.26.0

Photo of Debbie Hoffman and Rudy De Busscher by Debbie Hoffman and Rudy De Busscher

The March Payara Platform Enterprise Edition release (request here) includes 3 bug fixes, 4 improvements, and 7 additional MicroProfile Config Sources. You can see a more detailed overview of the fixes, improvements, and new features included in Payara Platform Enterprise Edition 5.26.0 in the Release Notes here.

Configuration of applications should not be done within the application itself, but externally. We’ve expanded the sources from where the configuration values could be read to support third-party configuration services and cloud providers in the March Payara Enterprise release:

Additional Cloud-Related MicroProfile Config Sources

GCP Secrets

The addition of the GCP Secrets MicroProfile Config Source allows for reading encrypted values stored at the Google Cloud Platform which are managed by the Secrets Manager.

AWS Secrets

Read sensitive configuration data stored in the AWS cloud with the AWS Secrets Microprofile Config Source.

Azure Key Vault

Read encrypted values stored within the Microsoft Azure Key Vault using the Azure Key Vault MicroProfile Config Source.

Hashicorp Vault

The addition of the Hashicorp Vault MicroProfile Config Source provides the ability to read from the Hashicorp Vault securely.

Database-Related MicroProfile Config Sources


The addition of the SQL MicroProfile Config Source allows you to define a connection pool, table name, the key and value column names, and then read the MicroProfile Config values from the database.


MicroProfile Config Source to use the DynamoDB storage to read configuration properties.


Including the LDAP MicroProfile Config Source allows you to use some LDAP properties as MicroProfile Config values.

Other Supported Sources 

In addition to the cloud and database-related Config Sources listed above, the March Payara Enterprise release already supports the following:

  • Reading values from environment

  • Reading values from system properties

  • Reading values from file system

  • Reading values from Kubernetes secrets

  • Using Password aliases of Payara as a MicroProfile Config Value

Developing and adding MicroProfile Config Sources is still supported just as before.

What Do You Think?

If you try any of the new MicroProfile Config Sources included in the March Payara Platform Enterprise 5.26.0 release, we’d love to hear about your experience! Start or participate in a discussion thread on the Payara Discussions GitHub.