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Java EE claimed obsolete by Gartner. Is that really true?

As a long-term Java EE developer, consultant and lecturer, over the years I've seen Java EE evolving into a solid, carefully thought out, flexible platform, and one of the most lightweight enterprise frameworks. Therefore I was very surprised to read so many negative and incorrect claims about Java EE in the recent Gartner report "Market Guide for Application Platforms", written by analysts Anne Thomas and Aashish Gupta. The report claims that Java EE is not lightweight, has become obsolete and hasn't kept pace with modern architectural trends. These statements are made very confidently, yet are rather surprising, especially coming from such a well-known advisory company!


Mike Croft for TechTarget -Configuration JSR, microservices & Docker

In his second interview for TechTarget, Mike Croft - Payara's Support Engineer - talks about the benefits of having a configuration standard as part of Java and Java EE. Mike is also sharing his views on how container-based technology is changing the way application servers are developed, along with how microservices are being deployed.