Mike Croft for TechTarget -Configuration JSR, microservices & Docker

Photo of Dominika Tasarz by Dominika Tasarz

In his second interview for TechTarget, Mike Croft - Payara's Support Engineer - talks about the benefits of having a configuration standard as part of Java and Java EE. Mike is also sharing his views on how container-based technology is changing the way application servers are developed, along with how microservices are being deployed.


While Docker containers, cloud-based systems and big data processing engines tend to steal headlines, other important technological advances often fly under the radar, even when those advances have the potential to positively and significantly impact the way enterprise system software is developed and deployed. While it is only a proposal at the moment, the Java Configuration JSR is one of those projects that is flying under the radar of many software developers, despite the fact that its acceptance and integration into the language could have a variety of positive impacts.


Visit the TechTarget website here to watch the full video interview with Mike, conducted by Cameron McKenzie - the Editor in Chief for the ServerSide.com - at the 2016 JavaOne conference in San Francisco. 



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