Mike Croft for TechTarget - Implementing Microservices for Java EE

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Watch the interview with Mike Croft, Payara's Support Engineer, where he discusses views on implementing and building microservices for Java EE and talks about the challenges that businesses might face when adopting microservices.



"There's been a lot that's already written about what the technical challenges of microservices are, what should define a microservice, how micro should a microservice be(...). For me, I think the really big challenge that is often underestimated is something that's encapsulated in Conway's Law, which states that any organization is bound to develop software that reflects its own communication structure internally.

So, I think the biggest challenge that organizations face is not necessarily its technical challenges, but the management challenges that come with going from a monolithic approach to developing software (...) and restructuring the organization to better reflect how you want your microservices architecture to develop".


Visit the TechTarget website here to watch the full video interview with Mike, conducted by Jan Stafford - the Executive Editor for TechTarget - at the 2016 JavaOne conference in San Francisco. 


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