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How to Set Advanced Payara Server HTTP Listener Options

In order to fine tune a HTTP listener, the Payara Server administration console provides the means to configure a wide range of options. Besides the basic configuration available for a HTTP listener in the HTTP service section, it is also possible to set low-level configuration details in the HTTP tab of the same network listener in the Network-Config section.


How to Contribute to Payara Server

As you probably know, Payara Server was created as an effort to fill the gaps that Oracle left when they dropped commercial support offerings for Glassfish Open Source Edition 4.x versions. However, our goal at Payara Services is not only to fill these gaps in support, but to strengthen the Community around Payara and GlassFish as well. For this to happen, we encourage all Payara Server & Payara Micro users to contribute to the Community - and there are a couple of ways to do so.