Let's Write History with Code! - Payara Podcast Episode 4

Photo of Dominika Tasarz by Dominika Tasarz

In this podcast episode, we would like to invite you to listen to the conversation we had with Otavio Santana. Otavio is a passionate architect and software engineer and a very prominent persona in the Java EE and Jakarta Community. He is a Java Champion, recognized for his vast contributions to the Java and open source ecosystem. He is a committer and leader in several open source products and specifications.

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Over the years, Otavio contributed to many open source Java projects and shared huge amounts of knowledge and experience with his fellow developers and engineers. We discussed how you can kick started the journey into software engineering, career paths and opportunities in the Java and Jakarta industry and how you can start contributing to open source and generally getting more involved in the Java community.

We talked a lot about self-improvement getting out of your comfort zone, personal growth, long term investments and seeing a bigger picture. If you want to know exactly what we mean by it, stay with us and listen to this episode of Payara podcast with Otavio Santana - Let's write history with code!







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