What’s New in the January 2024 Payara Platform Release?

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Splashing into the new year with vigor, the Payara Engineering kitchen announces the first release of Payara Platform for 2024.

This release brings enhancements, security fixes, and bug fixes, ensuring a more robust and efficient environment for your mission critical workload.  Payara Enterprise 6.10.0 (request free trial) comes with 2 improvements, 4 bug fixes, 10 component upgrades and 2 security fixes. Payara Community 6.2024.1 (download here) also comes with 2 improvements, 4 bug fixes, 10 component upgrades and 2 security fixes.

ARM Support for Docker Images

This update introduces ARM support for Docker Images, significantly enhancing the flexibility and scope of your deployment options. With this update, Payara Micro and Payara Server Docker Images are now compatible with the ARM architecture, a step that greatly expands your deployment capabilities and options.

You're probably aware that ARM architecture stands out for its energy efficiency and performance, making it a go-to choice across various computing environments, including cloud infrastructures and IoT devices. Our move to embrace ARM means you can now tap into these benefits, enjoying lower power usage and the freedom to operate on a broader range of hardware with your existing Jakarta EE and MicroProfile workloads. 

Furthermore, this shift to support ARM aligns the Payara Platform with the industry's trend towards ARM-based servers in cloud and data center spaces. If you're considering or already using ARM-based systems (hello Mac users), this update smooths the path for you. You can integrate Payara Platform into your workload with ARM powered infrastructure, ensuring seamless compatibility, fine-tuned performance and reduced energy consumption. 

Security Enhancements

CVE-2023-3635 Mitigation

The update to okio 3.4.0 addresses the security vulnerability CVE-2023-3635, reinforcing the security of the platform.

Key Bug Fixes

  • We've resolved an issue where using the @LoginConfig Annotation with 'security-constraints' could leave the server in an inconsistent state.
  • This release also addresses the problem of lost modules and components after server restarts, ensuring better stability.
  • Fixes have been made to ensure the Remote JMS Broker starts reliably.
  • MP metrics 5.1 now accurately displays values for buckets, improving monitoring and performance tracking.

Component Upgrades

The community edition parallels the enterprise version in component upgrades, including:

  • Jakarta EL API has been upgraded to 5.0.1
  • Jakarta Inject to 2.0.1
  • Jakarta Security Enterprise to 3.0.3
  • Jakarta Validation to 3.0.2
  • EclipseLink ASM to 9.6.0, and 
  • H2DB to 2.2.224 thanks to community contributions from Cédric Tabin
  • Jersey to 3.1.5

Payara Enterprise   Free Trial

In this latest release, you, as a Payara Enterprise or Community user, will find a range of updates that significantly enhance your development experience. Notably, this release includes the eagerly awaited ARM Docker Image support, expanding your deployment options. At Payara, we're committed to staying aligned with Java standards while actively addressing your needs and feedback. To fully understand all the new features and improvements, I encourage you to delve into the detailed release notes. Your feedback and contributions are crucial to us, and we always look forward to hearing from you to make the Payara Platform even better.

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