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Crear un Servicio Web RestFul con Payara Server y NetBeans

17 Mar 2016

Payara Server y NetBeans son perfectos para crear servicios web RESTFul y aplicaciones web!

See here for the original version in English language. 

En este corto video, voy a mostraros como de fácil es crear un servicio web RESTFul utilizando Payara Server con NetBeans.


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Create a RESTful Web Service with Payara Server & NetBeans

17 Mar 2016

Payara Server & NetBeans are perfect for creating RESTful web services and web applications!


In this short video, I show you how easy it is to create a ‘hello world’ RESTful web service using Payara Server with NetBeans.


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Flexible HA & Scalability Architectures with Payara Server

08 Feb 2016

One of the lesser known features and key benefits of Payara Server is that it provides huge flexibility when architecting topologies for High Availability and Scalability. Utilising the embedded Hazelcast Data Grid for web session and JCache clustering brings the potential of many different...

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New features for Ops Teams in Payara Server

26 Jan 2016

When we founded Payara and started development on Payara Server, one of our key goals was to make Payara Server the best application server for production work loads. Operations Teams will be happy to hear that the February 161 release adds Slow SQL Logging and in-built Server HealthChecks as...

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Connecting to ActiveMQ with Payara Server

21 Dec 2015

In a previous blog we described how to disable the OpenMQ message broker in Payara Server. In this blog we'll describe how to use Active MQ and send and receive messages from Payara Server.

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Disabling OpenMQ in Payara Server

15 Dec 2015

Many of our customers often use a different JMS provider in their organisation than the embedded JMS broker shipped with Payara Server, for example IBM MQSeries or ActiveMQ. Doing this often caused problems for our customers because the unconfigured OpenMQ broker could cause start up problems or...

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6 Production Features of GlassFish & Payara Server You May Not Know About

17 Sep 2015

You may also want to check out our more up-to-date article here:5 Production Features in Payara Server 5 You Might Not Know About


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Microservice choreography with the Payara Micro clustered CDI Event Bus

01 Sep 2015
One of the key concepts of a micro-service architecture is the coordination of multiple services using loosely coupled event based choreography (


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Introducing Payara Blue

06 Aug 2015
One of the new features of our Payara Server 4.1.153 is Payara Blue. Payara Blue is our code name for support for Payara Server and Payara Micro on the IBM JDK. Payara Blue gives the IBM JDK users full support for running Java EE 7 applications on Payara on any platform supported by the IBM JDK...
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Java EE 7 is Doing Fine in Production This Spring

05 Jun 2015
Recently Juergen Hoeller from Spring put out a blog implying Java EE 7 is not fit for production and denigrating some fine open source servers in the process.
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