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One of our key goals for the Payara Platform is to enable developers to use the Java EE skills they have honed over many years to take advantage of new infrastructure, architectures and programming models. We fundamentally believe that a managed runtime platform combined with industry standard APIs like Java EE and in the future Jakarta EE is a perfect fit for cloud and containerized infrastructure. Java EE has always separated the development of applications from the construction and management of the infrastructure to run those applications using the concept of deployment artifacts. This has a natural fit to cloud and container platforms including in the future serverless models.


However, we feel we can do more to shape our platform for cloud - that is why we are working with the Microsoft Azure engineering team to try to understand how the Java EE migration path to the cloud can be as smooth as possible.


If you feel you can help us please fill in this Microsoft survey.


And if you want to discuss your challenges, ideas, needs for the future with Payara and Microsoft engineering directly please leave your email address at the end of the survey or contact us.


Reza Rahman, Principal Program Manager for Java on Azure and former Oracle Java EE evangelist, said this about the engagement: “Our team sincerely cares about and wants to understand the needs of Java EE developers moving to the cloud. There is no agenda here beyond really listening to you and trying to create something of value for all”.


Are you in? Complete this two-minute questionnaire to engage!


Java EE Survey by Microsoft Azure 


Please be rest assured there is absolutely no commitment expected but some of your time. Microsoft and Payara engineering engagements are never tied to sales, advocacy or marketing objectives. This is about listening to you to help create real customer value for the Java EE ecosystem on one of the leading cloud platforms.