The Payara Monthly Catch: March 2022

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We are always looking for the best of Java, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, cloud programming, DevOps and open source content for our audience. This often means articles, blogs and videos on enterprise applications and the most secure, stable way to use Java and Jakarta EE.

The big release of this month was Java 18. Payara joins many projects in only supporting Long Term Support releases, so it will be a while until we get its new features. However, this doesn't mean we can't get excited for it! As John K Waters says inthisarticle “While it's probably true your organization is going to want you to wait for the LTS coming in September 2023 (JDK 21), the JEPs implemented in this release are worth a look." Find our pick of explainer articles below, including one by our own Ondro Mihályi.

Also penned by a Payaran is ourbrand-new article on integration testingwith Payara andAtomic JarTestcontainers, written by Payara's Fabio Turizo. We will be hosting a follow up webinar on April 8th 2022, with Fabio and Testcontainers'Oleg Šelajev. Sign uphere.

JRebel released a very insightful Java Development trends survey, with special mention of Payara/GlassFish. "We feel that the combined GlassFish and Payara number would push it above WebSphere WebLogic in terms of overall usage."

And of course, we're getting closer and closer toJakarta EE10, which will be released at around the same time as ourcompatible new server, Payara 6. Our CEO Steve Millidge joins Jakarta EE Developer Advocate Ivar Grimstad and Jakarta EE Program Manager Tanja Obradovic on April 20th 2022 for a webinar, Why Jakarta EE is the Biggest Thing to Happen to Java in 20 Years. With a title like that, how could you miss it? Sign up in advancehere

We're also getting closer to the release of our PAAS Payara Cloud. It's an exciting time for Jakarta EE and Payara, and you have a chance to join us: we're recruiting for a variety of roles, including a newLead DevOps Engineer. Become part of the team as the Payara Platform and surrounding community goes from strength to strength!

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Hand Ground Coffee: Command Line Tools for Java - Michael Hunger prefers the command line for daily work, using the combination of git, sed, grep, bash commands etc. making recurring tasks easier.

The Decline and Fall of Java on the Desktop Part 1 (1999-2005) -This is the first in a series of articles about the history of Java on the Desktop, from the perspective of Steve Hannah as a developer who started working with #Java in the late ‘90’s.

The best way to handle time zones in a Java web application - Vlad Mihalcea explains the best way to handle time zones java web application, from the web layer to Hibernate and the database.

Java Bytecode Simplified: Journey to the Wonderland (Part 1) - A new series by A N M Bazlur Rahman, following the success of his threading series. This time, he takes on JVM & compilation - seeing the mechanisms behind the code.

How To Improve JUnit DisplayNames With The New 'Named' API- With JUnit Jupiters ParameterizedTest annotation, you can execute the same test multiple times but with different parameters. Jan Schmitz blogs about this convenient way to improve tests.

Why Should You Care About JDK 18? - John K Waters in ADT Magazine. "While it's probably true your organization is going to want you to wait for the LTS coming in September 2023 (JDK 21), the JEPs implemented in this release are worth a look"

What's New & Exciting in Java 18? - Miro Wengner for Foojay. Again, it will be a while before
OpenJDK 18 will be widely supported, but get excited about changes.Stability & default string encoding is ready for the next LTS release.

OpenJDK 18 Security Enhancements- Sean Mullan provides a list of what he thinks are the most interesting & useful security enhancements in the new release, in this informative breakdown.

Java Memory Architecture & Metaspace -This DZone article gives an overview of Java memory management, stack memory & heap memory. It also discusses the parameters to consider before selecting a Garbage Collector algorithm.

Containers 101: attach vs. exec - what's the difference? - Understanding the difference between attach, logs, run & exec commands through learning the container management internals.
Great blog & diagrams by Ivan Velichko.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Java Concurrency - Our CEO Steve Millidge has worked on
Jakarta EE Concurrency, updating SE primitives for use in Jakarta EE. Learn about the original principles here.

Ivar Grimstad picks his favourite "goodies for developers" in the new Java 18 release - UTF-8 now specified as the default charset (JEP 400), and code snippets in JavaDoc (JEP 413).

New Jakarta EE 10 JSON features!- recap some of the significant new features & changes found in JSON Binding 3.0 & JSON Processing 2.1, the specification versions that will release with Jakarta EE 10.

Where's Java Going In 2022?- An interpretation of JRebel's "Java Development Trends & Analysis 2022." With the survey gaining 846 responses, with 31% of the sample working in large Enterprise settings, there's lots to learn!

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Videos & Podcasts

Java Authentication & Authorization with Apache Shiro - Adam Bien speaks to Benjamin Marwell - including covering Apache Shiro, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile integration.

Security Warning: Your Java Attack Surface Just Got Bigger - Now on Foojay Brian Vermeer's talk as part of Fosdem - "Building cloud native Java applications is undoubtedly awesome. However, it comes with undeniable new risks."

Leverage Java 17 New Features to Create Your Wordle Checker- Jose Paumard.

Another great Foojay Fosdem talk - Erik Costlow on Log4J, Security Manager & Funding - A demonstration of log4j exploits, which defenses people tried, and which worked.

Adam Bien and Heinz Kabutz - They discuss Java, ERP systems, recursion, JCrete & more!

Java 18 In 5 Minutes- We know you love a concise video! Arto Santala goes through all the features in Java 18. Java 18 is just an intermediate release, but anything here will be part of Java 21 next year, so today is a good day to start learning!

Community News

The 2022 Jakarta EE Developer Survey- It's is your chance to influence the direction of the Jakarta EE platform. Share your thoughts on how Jakarta EE can evolve to better meet the cloud needs of Java developers around the world.  

JRebel Java Development Trends 2022 - InfoQ reports. Payara is chosen by many, thank you for the acknowledgement JRebel : "We feel that the combined GlassFish Payara number would push it above WebSphere and WebLogic in terms of overall usage."

March Eclipse Java IDE Improvements - Holger Voormann provides an update, if you are using the
Eclipse Foundation IDE!

Even closer to Jakarta EE 10!- Tanja Obradovic provides an update on the road to Jakarta EE 10 - we're getting closer! Jakarta EE 10 will be released this year & with it, Payara 6 as our Jakarta EE 10 compatible implementation.

Featuring Payara and Payarans!

Java EE, Jakarta EE 8 + Payara 5 + MicroProfile 2.1 + Docker in about a minute! - Thin WARs to the rescue! Thank you Ivo Woltring for showing how easy it is to start a Jakarta EE application, using Payara.

Easy Jakarta EE Integration Testing with the Payara Platform & Testcontainers - Fabio Turizo
shows you how to avoid the 'works on my machine problem', with super effective testing! 

New features between Java 8 and Java 18 - Our own Ondro Mihályi has updated his article to reflect changes in OpenJDK 18. Read it now. A great place to catch up with what is new in Java coding.