What's New in the Payara Platform February Release?

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This month we release Payara Platform Enterprise 5.25.0 (request here) with 4 improvements and 3 new features, including an update to the Upgrade Tool released last month that gives the ability to restore the domain configuration from the backup with the rollback-server command.

Meanwhile, the Payara Platform Community 5.2021.1 (download here) introduces support for the complete MicroProfile 4.0 specifications, a Hazelcast upgrade providing better support for Amazon AWS, improved stability of HTTP2, and a large number of community contributions. 

Don't miss our release overview virtual event next week, which is now open for registrations on Meetup here. 

Read more below to find out the details.

 Payara Platform  Download Here 

New Asadmin Command in Payara Platform 

Both the Community and Enterprise Editions are introducing a new asadmin command to automatically clean the JBatch Job Execution data stored in the database after a batch job executes. Read more about this command in this blog.

Ecosystem Improvements

Both the Community and Enterprise Editions have improved VSCode extensions integration in the February releases. Core Java extensions with Payara tools,RSP protocol, and Java View manager are now integrated with Payara Server by default.

EJB Timer Migration Improvement

In this release you now have more control over the migration of EJB timers from one cluster to another in both Payara Platform Community and Enterprise Editions.

Upgrade Tool V1.1 Improvements in Payara Platform Enterprise

Last month we introduced the long-awaitedUpgrade Tool to make it easier and faster to upgrade from one version of Payara Server Enterprise to the next. The current release now offers the Upgrade Tool V1.1 which improves the tool and allows you to restore the domain configuration from the backup using the rollback-server command. 

The Upgrade Tool is in continuous development and future plans include making it possible to use the Upgrade Tool with Windows.

New MicroProfile Specs in Payara Platform Community

In the December Payara Platform Community Edition release, we introduced two of the MicroProfile specification release candidates for you to try - MP Health 3.0 and MP JWT Auth 1.2.  This month, the complete MicroProfile 4.0 specs are available in Payara Platform Community and we're pending TCK tests and approval for officially becoming a compatible MicroProfile 4.0 implementation.

Thank You to Our Community Contributors!

Since our end of year Contributor shout-out, we’ve seen some fantastic pull requests on our GitHub that have since been incorporated into this latest February release. Please find here our blog about the community contributions.

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Other Payara Platform Community Edition Improvements

Also included in the February Payara Community Edition release:

  • Hazelcast 4 Upgrade - offers better support for Amazon AWS

  • HTTP2 Improvement - increases stability

Release Notes

The Enterprise Release (request here) includes 4 new features, 12 bug fixes, and 4 improvements; while the Community Release (direct download here) includes 11 new features, 24 bug fixes, 6 improvements and 1 component upgrade. 

See more detailed overview of the fixes and improvements in the Release Notes:

Download The Latest Payara Platform Release

Don't forget to update your Payara Platform to the new version! You can Download the Payara Community Edition here, or request the Payara Enterprise Edition via this form.

 Payara Platform  Download Here 

Community Online Event: February Release Overview 

On Feb 18th, Rudy De Busscher will hold a New Release Webinar to cover recent updates and enhancements to the Payara Platform in this latest release, as well as answer community questions.  Register for the webinar here.

As usual - if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please post them in the comments below or email us at community@payara.fish