Payara Monthly Catch: September Was Huge!

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

September was a BIG month in Java. 

Jakarta EE 10 came out - alongside the first compatible products certified against the Jakarta EE 10 platform. Payara 6 Community was one of them!

Also this month = one of the biggest Java conferences in the community, JConfDev, took place in Chicago; and we hosted our webinar with Azul, where we examined AOT vs JIT compilation (video to come). 

We also saw the GA of Java 19! Phew...

To honour this special month, as well as collating the best performing general Java and Enterprise Java content we've shared, we've rounded up all the Jakarta EE 10 resources we've created.
We've got you covered, from an in-depth look into new features for developers to higher-level content for those who may be less 'in-the-know'. 

Jakarta EE 10 Blogs

MicrosoftTeams-image (265)Announcement -Payara Celebrates Jakarta EE 10 With Support in Community!

Our Roadmap - Payara Platform: The Road to Jakarta EE 10

Guide to new features -What's New in Jakarta EE 10?

Guide to Jakarta EE 10 - Higher Level Focus (2)_Page_1
Jakarta EE 10 Guides

Jakarta EE 10 for those who are not experts - Jakarta EE 10: What Decision Makers Need to Know

Changes to CDI Spec for Jakarta EE 10 - Jakarta EE CDI Fact Sheet

Thumbnail - Jakarta EE 10 in 3 minutes-01

Jakarta EE 10 Video

Jakarta EE 10 in 3 Minutes

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A Distributed System is Knowable: an Impossible Thing for Developers- Failure is a normal thing in distributed systems ? Kevlin Henney talks about how you have to accept unknowability in this
InfoQ interview with Ben Linders.

Azure Functions: For The Java Developer - Explore developer guidance, tools & resources to build serverless Java solutions on Azure!

Are You Crazy Still Using JSF!?- JSF stands for Jakarta-Server-Faces. Ralph Soika argues is it is underestimated by many - and uses a Payara blog as the starting point!

Use Pattern Matching to Simplify Java- Simon Ritter for Foojay explores how the relatively new feature for Java can make your code more concise without losing readability!

On cosmetics vs. intrinsics in programming- Code has cosmetic & intrinsic characteristics, argues Nicolas Frankel. He suggests to solve problems, we need to spend time on intrinsics a lot more: actors, asynchronous, etc. See what you think!

The Story of a Java 17 Native Memory Leak- How a native memory leak in OpenJDK 17 got fixed, improving the future operability of the JVM platform for millions!

Ultra-Fast Microservices: Enterprise Integration- Otavio Santana dives into Microstream - looking at how CDI helps it integrate for DZone.

Virtual Threads: New Foundations for High-Scale Java Applications- OpenJDK 19 came out this week & it contains a feature many of our Payaran Java experts are excited about: a lightweight implementation of Java threads. Brian Goetz explains.

Videos & Podcasts

Most Shared Post of the Month:Secrets of Performance Tuning, Java on Kubernetes - Bruno Borges gave this excellent talk! He helps you understand the impact of resource constraints in the JVM.

Enhanced VSCode- Java Tooling & Container Apps - Rory Preddy "takes the suckage out of microservices " in this recording of a live stream. Useful tips forVS Code users!

Java 19: Millions of Threads in No Time- Want to learn about Project Loom ? Adam Bien
talks to Nicolai Parlog.

Where Was Payara This Month?

We were at JConfDev in Chicago - spreading the Jakarta EE word, connecting with the community, and eating a lot of pizza! 

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Community News

🎉Jakarta EE 10 came out on 22 September & you can already try it with Payara 6 Community Alpha 4!🎉Payara is one of only four vendors to have a product certified against the Jakarta EE 10 platform on launch day.

Enterprise Java & Jakarta EE Continue to Grow per Results of the Eclipse Foundation 2022 Jakarta EE Developer Survey! - It reveals top 3 community priorities
⚡Native integration with #Kubernetes
⚡Better support for microservices
⚡Faster support from vendors

OpenJDK 19 & What Java Users Should Know About It - Another six months have passed, & with predictable reliability, we have another release of the core Java platform, JDK 19.

Using Eclipse Java IDE with Payara? - Check out September improvements in this video.