Payara Celebrates Jakarta EE 10 With Support in Community!

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Jakarta EE 10 launches today! At Payara, we are celebrating this major next step for enterprise Java, and support Jakarta EE 10 with Payara 6 Community.

We have already releasedPayara 6 Community Alpha 4. This makes Payara one of the first vendors to have a compatible product certified against the Jakarta EE 10 platform - you can try Jakarta EE 10 with Payara Platform! 

"I congratulate all the open source contributors, Working Group members and the Eclipse Foundation team for this exciting evolution of the Jakarta EE Platform!

Being a Member of theEclipse Foundation, and a Strategic Member of theJakarta EEWorking Group, Payara continuously contributes to the Jakarta EE initiative and is pleased to welcome this next stage.

We mark our commitment to Jakarta EE 10 by supporting it in ourCommunity productimmediately. 

We are delighted to bring its new features directly to our product for innovation and learning. Payara 6 Enterprise will follow, bringing the future of Jakarta EE to all our users.

With Jakarta EE, Payara Server continues to be easy to learn, simple to use, and ready to support reliable and secure deployments of Jakarta EE apps in any environment," emphasized Payara CEO and FounderSteve Millidge. Read the official press releasehere.

Below, read more about why we have decided to support Jakarta EE 10 from the get-go, what it will mean for you as a developer using Payara Platform, and what you have to look forward to: 

Why Is Jakarta EE 10 So Important? 

It is the first major release of Jakarta EE(previously Java EE), since the major namespace update, brought by Jakarta EE 9. WithJakarta EE 9, the package namespace javax moved to jakarta across the Jakarta EE 9 Platform, Web Profile specifications, and related TCKs.

Jakarta EE 9.0 and 9.1 were interim versions made for the tooling support. They do not contain any additional functionality for the user. So with Jakarta EE 10, we see the first release in the new namespace that also adds functionality for the Jakarta EE user. 

The baseline Java JDK used is also changing, from Java 8 toJava 11at API level, andJava 17for runtimes.

How is Payara Supporting This Release? 

Payara 6 Communitywill run with Jakarta EE 10 exclusively. Payara 6 Enterprise will follow. 

Payara 6 Community will replace Payara 5 Community, meaning all users staying with ourPayara Community Editionmust move to Jakarta EE 10 (those that want to stay with Jakarta EE 8 must move to Enterprise,see below.) 

Jakarta EE 10 WILL Affect You - Here's Why: 

For Jakarta EE 8 users, all Jakarta EE imports in your code will need to be changed to the new namespace. For example, for messaging, javax.jms must become jakarta.jms; Java Persistence, heavily used inHibernateandSpring, must move from javax.persistence to jakarta.persistence, and so on. 

The upcoming discontinuation of Payara 5 Community meansyou will no longer be able to access an updated, maintained Payara Platformfor Jakarta EE 8 applications unless you move to Enterprise. You must start migrating to the new namespace, orconsider Payara Enterprise Edition.

What Can You Look Forward To With Jakarta EE 10? 

New Java SE Features Can Now To Be Used with Jakarta EE!

With this release, you can now tap into the capabilties of Java SE 8 and Java SE 11 that you won't have been able to use before with Jakarta EE. Some of these to look forward to are CompletableFuture, Fork/Join pools, and better integration with new technologies like OpenID. 

Removal of Deprecated APIs 

We have removed many deprecated features for Jakarta EE 10, streamlining and improving the developer experience. 

Improved Deployment

A lot of work has been done across APIs to provide deployable resources, attached to your application through annotations. The aim of this is that you will not have to use a deployment descriptor or similar in future when deploying resources that your application needs. 

New Features

There are many exciting improvements to Jakarta EE specifications. For example,Jakarta Facesnow has a completely programmable implementation andJakarta RESThas a new Bootstrap API so you no longer have to use it in a container. There are also major improvements toCDI, support for polymorphic types in JSON-B, and much more.

We went into specific detail in ourblog, and in our webinar, 'Big Changes Coming with Jakarta EE 10',watch it now

Get Excited!  

Get started in learning about Jakarta EE 10, with our webinar in collaboration with Jakarta EE Developer AdvocateIvar Grimstadand Jakarta EE Program ManagerTanja Obradovic,Why Jakarta EE 10 is the Biggest Thing to Happen to Java in 20 Years.

Need a more high-level explanation - suitable for Procurement, a Dev Lead, VP Engineering or Ops Manager? Download our guide,Jakarta EE 10: What Decision Makers Need to Know.

We also have a video explanationhere.

We hope that you will enjoy being able to use the very latest Jakarta EE features and improvements with Payara Platform almost immediately after release. We're keen to know your experiences - talk to us on ourforumand engage viaGitHub.

It is an exciting day for the future of Jakarta EE!

Try Out Jakarta EE 10 Now! 

Payara 6 Community Alpha 4