The Payara Monthly Catch: June 2021

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

June has been another busy month here at Payara Services, both internally - with our biggest yearly company event, Payara Week, taking place - and externally - with our 'Dismiss the Myths' Webinar series kicking off and proving to be one of our most popular community events yet. 

We're halfway through 'Dismiss the Myths: Get to Know Jakarta EE (Java EE)' , a series of 6 webinars where our CEO and Founder Steve Millidgedismantles common misconceptions one by one. Check out thisblog for links to watch webinars that have already taken place, and sign up to the next three! 

As for Payara Week, you may have seen the social media content around our team-building, future-planning, fun-having annual company summit - this time virtual, but no less engaging! We'll be following up with a full blog with pictures and details, but peek at one of the reimagined Payara Fishes from the week's photo competitions below. 

We also got a Twitter blue-tick this month - proving once and for all that we are 'authentic, notable and active' - in our case, when it comes to providing top Jakarta EE and Java EE, MicroProfileand cloud content!

Momentum also continued to grow for our next-generation cloud native application runtimePayara Cloud, with key influencer Adam Bien presenting on it as an alternative toHelidon and Quarkus at the j4k conference. You can find out what he already had to say in his initial trial of the product here. 

But it hasn't all been 'the Payara Show'. We've also searched for and shared the best tutorials, updates, news, articles and videos from our wider community - find them below! 

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OpenJDK Discusses Post-SecurityManager Practices - Erik Costlow provides a summary of the discussions around deprecating Java Security Manager. Organisations relevant to Payara Platform have had their say, including Netbeans and Eclipse Foundation. 

Difference between Period and Duration class in Java 8? - In his latest informative blog, Javin Paul 
discusses this popular interview question. Payara Platform can be used with OpenJDK 8 - so this may be useful. 

JEP 411: Java's Security Model & the Principle of Least Privilege - In Foojay Peter Firmstone looks at Java's Authorization layer, which is unlike other languages - reviewed by
Erik Costlow and Nicolas Frankel.  

Maven Setup For Testing Java Applications -  Philip Riecks takes you through the sometimes daunting process of starting out with Java -using Maven as your Java build tool. This article is thorough & clear for any beginners. 

5 Common mistakes in Java- Sakshi Khandelwal takes you through 5 errors to watch out for. 

Restructuring JSON with JAX-RS ReaderInterceptors and a little bit of JSON-B Magic - Andrew McCright provides a solution to a common problem with RESTful services.  

Why Classpath Exception (CPE) is so Important - Simon Ritter of Azul explains more about this element of OpenJDK GPLv2 licensing & how, if you're using OpenJDK , you need to check all files that need to have it, it won't automatically be everywhere! 

How to rightsize the Kubernetes resource limits- Sysdig's David de Torres provides a guide to this important step in capacity planning using  K8s  - Prometheus - to help you eliminate inefficiencies in your cluster. 
Carl Mastrangelo shares his story of updating code to newer versions of Java - from JDK 8 to JDK 16. He started with 8 to 11, then moved to 15, then 16, claiming it gets easier each time!
shows you how to get the most out of your relational database - using these tools to make sure the data access layer resonates with the underlying database system. 
 MySQL Time Zone Support (with examples) - Mortensi helps you adjust your MySQL settings - useful for Payara Platform users who have chosen it as their database of choice.

Using Eclipse Collections as a collections framework for Java -Piotr Mińkowski shows you some useful features it provides. 
On Foojay,  Introduction to New AutoScale Feature Available in Payara Server - Rudy De Busscher 
explains how the AutoScale project looks to achieve dynamic scalability in Payara Server & Deployment Groups, using asadmin commands:

Creating a Maven Archetype From an Existing Project Informative - First article for DZone by Tomas Dias Almeida : if you're using Eclipse Java IDE with Payara, for example, the Eclipse IDE will rely on the Maven Archetype you specify. 
I need an index with this List iteration method In Java - There are a few ways to iterate over a List with indices. Donald Raab covers a few of the most common external iteration approaches & how they can be combined. 

Where Is The Payara Fish This Month? 

This month was our internal company culture and bonding extravaganza. We'll be sharing a full blog on the subject, but here is a Java-inspired Payara Fish created by our Internal Communications and Engagement Lead Mycah Banks for one of the week's photo competitions: 

Mycah Banks

Videos & Podcasts

Why Do Developers Love IntelliJ IDEA? - In this video, JetBrains Developer Advocate Trisha Gee explains why developers love using Intellij IDEA - which you can use with Payara Platform as your IDE !

How to Secure Docker Containers - Francesco Ciulla talks to Snyk's Liran Tal about Docker container security & more. 

Getting Started with JUnit 5 & Maven - Arto Santala shows you how to set up your Java environment for unit testing, in this short video. JUnit is the most popular Java unit testing tool, used often by our Payara Platform users!

Congratulations to Hazelcast Developer Advocate Nicolas Frankel -  He is DZone Java Champion of the Month for May! Watch the video here where he discusses his win - and watch this space for an upcoming Payara collaboration with Nicolas & Hazelcast. 

Survival Guide for the Java Architect in the Cloud Era -Otávio Santana presents to the an introduction to cloud-native - clearly & cleverly illustrating cloud types & the trade-offs you make when moving to the cloud. 

Featuring Payara & Payarans!

Creating a Kubernetes Operator in Java - Payaran Rudy de Busscher gave a talk on the xgeeks YouTube channel. He kicked off a June speaker series for the company.

Java Annotated Monthly – June 2021 -   Thank you Dalia Abo Sheasha - our Payara Platform 2021 survey is included here! She says: "I find it interesting to see data on the features developers are prioritizing. There is also good insight on Java EE, Jakarta EE adoption."

Adam Bien's mid-year predictions - Payara Cloud features! Read what he had to say in full. 

adam bien-3

Mastering Microservices with MicroProfile & Payara in the Cloud - We teamed up with xgeeks to create an e-book. In it, we talk about potential issues with a microservices architecture & how it can work with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile.
We Are Hereford and Worcestershire Chambers of Commerce Finalists - Employer of the Year, Small Business of the Year, Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace and Exporter of the Year! Our HR and Operations Manager Julia explains about what this means to us. 

Community News

June 2021 Payara Platform is here! -For Community, this means 1 new feature - AutoScale support for SSH nodes - 5 bug fixes, 1 improvement, & 2 component upgrades. Also, proof of concept for Payara's own Kubernetes Operator! 

Apache NetBeans 12.4 - Have you seen that the most recent NetBeans release includes a new feature, to automatically detect & list Payara Platform versions in the server registration panel? Payaran Gaurav Gupta worked on this, more info here:. 

Demystifying Java SE Level for Jakarta EE - Ivar Grimstad sheds light on how the Eclipse Foundation project  is determining Java SE versions used for the next Jakarta EE release. Which version should be the source? Which should be the TCK ? What do you think?

UPDATED - Javin Paul's Top 30 Eclipse Java IDE Keyboard Shortcuts for Java Programmers

Fantastic insights in the Snyk JVM ecosystem report! -  Including IntelliJ IDEA as the most popular IDE, Simon Ritter on fast-moving Java, Brian Vermeer on Java security, Maven as the most popular build tool, Adoptium as most popular OpenJDK. 

Eclipse IDE Working Group is Formed - Jenna Sargent provides more information. Payara Platform provides the Payara Tools plugin to integrate Payara Server Community and Payara Micro Community into Eclipse Java IDE.  Read more about this latest news around its development. 

Java EE & JakartaEE: What IT leaders should know - Kevin Casey provides a useful overview, including Mike Milinkovich pointing out that the Jakarta EE Working Group is a who's who of Java industry leaders - including Payara! 

You've heard of Java Champions but should there be Java Dragons? Great interview with Helen Scott who talks with Anastasia Khomyakova about all things Java! Insight on Java IDEs , life after Java 17 & more. 

What is a #JEP? -This month marked the  10th anniversary of the JDK Enhancement Proposal: the process for collecting proposals for enhancements to the Java Development Kit. Jose Paumard  provides an introduction in this concise video. 

PostgreSQL 14 Beta 2 Released! - Is PostgreSQL your database of choice for use with Payara? Look at what's in store further down the line, this release contains previews of features that will be available in the final release of PostgreSQL 14.