Is Java EE Outdated and Dead? Watch The Video.

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We are almost halfway through our summer webinar series! Across 6 online events, our CEO and FounderSteve Millidgeis discussing common misconceptions aroundJava. He's broken down false views of the programming language, and its enterprise-orientated iteration Jakarta EE, into 6 topics - tackling them one by one and showing that Java is still relevant. 

Each session is concise - around 30 minutes - and you don't need any previous knowledge of Java or Jakarta EE. 

In this first session, Steve tells you how why Java EE is not old, outdated, or dead. Find out:

  • What is Jakarta EE and how does it relate to Java EE?
  • The future plans for Jakarta EE and why you should use it
  • New features available in Jakarta EE
  • The core profile
  • HowMicroProfile works with Jakarta EE to modernize your application development
If you’ve been hearing that Java EE is outdated – watch this webinar to see why that’s not true and how you can continue using your existing Java EE development skills to modernize your application development.

Watch the Video Here: 


More in the Series 

The second webinar in the series covered 'Are Java EE application servers heavy?' and can be watched on demand for a short timehere. It will then be published on YouTube. 

The third webinar, 'Is Java EE Cloud-Native?' takes place 3pm BST on the day this blog is published, 30th June 2021! Register, and even if you can't make it, you'll be able to watch on demand straight after the event. 

Following this, there are the three remaining webinars in the series to enjoy! 

  • Can Java EE Do Microservices? 7 July, 3pm BST 
  • Do Java EE Standards Matter? 14 July, 3pm BST 
  • Is the Java EE Deployment Model Out of Date? 21st July, 3pm BST 

Make sure to tune in to improve your Java and Jakarta EE knowledge and find out why it IS a cutting-edge solution. 

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