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Adam Bien is a well-known expert in the world ofJakarta EE. He is a freelancer, author, Java Champion andblogger, providing resources and training materials, and is host of theAirHacks.FM podcast - where he regularly talks to the leading experts in the Java and Jakarta EE community, with recent guests including PayaransLenny PrimakandRudy De Busscher

As a long time user of the Payara Platform - regularlyrecommending it as a solution to GlassFish problems - we were keen to offer him a trial ofPayara Cloud, our next generation of cloud-native application runtime. Payara Cloud offers an easier way to run Jakarta EE apps on the cloud, allowing you to simply select your war, click deploy, and watch your apps run - automatically, like magic!

As part of our Payara Cloud Closed Beta testing, we offered him a trial of the software. He created a concise video showing his experience using serverless MicroProfile and Jakarta EE on Payara Cloud. Watch it now to find out what his first thoughts were in his own words.  

He implemented a thin WAR Jakarta EE MicroProfile Service and pushed it to Payara Cloud. He is using Jakarta EE 8 MicroProfile. 

Watch the Video Here: 


Further Thoughts 

Adam has since spoken about his thoughts on Payara Cloud at the j4k conference. His talk was titled 'The Future is Now: Overview of Next Generation Cloud Java Runtimes', and hecommentedthat "Payara Cloud is the exact opposite of Helidon, Quarkus, Micronaut and Co. ...and therefore interesting. A serverless server." We'll share the video of his presentation as soon as it becomes available.

He also included Payara Cloud in hisMid-Year 2021 Observations and Predictions. Read his full comment here:

"Serverless servers like, e.g., Payara Cloud, are an interesting case. Payara Cloud follows opposite design decisions to the "next-generation standards." The application server cluster becomes aKubernetesOperator and manages the nodes for you. You don't care about the server and only have to push a ThinWAR to the cloud. Payara Cloud hides the Kubernetes complexity and dramatically simplifies the infrastructure. The infrastructure is strictly separated from the business code. Payara Cloud is not GA yet but might become the most productive way to run "boring" applications everywhere."

He later clarified and expanded upon this, saying: 

"I would say [Payara Cloud] "makes Kubernetes obsolete". I don't care what Payara Cloud is doing behind the scenes, as long as my application remains accessible via a simple URL."

It's fantastic to have comments and feedback from such a major player in the industry, and we hope the community enjoys experiencing his expert opinion of our exciting new product! 

Want to Find Out More About Payara Cloud? 

Payara Cloud will be available in the very near future (September!) - so you can see for yourself how much faster it makes deploying an application to the cloud! 

Adam Bien is an expert in the field - but Payara Cloud is all about ease.  At the opposite end of the spectrum of Java/Jakarta EE skill, a member of our Marketing team has tried using the product to demonstrate how simple it is to use, read the blog here.

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