See Our Latest Webinar Based on the 184 Release

Photo of Jadon Ortlepp by Jadon Ortlepp

We recently held a webinar hosted by myself, Arjan Tijms and Ondrej Mihalyi based on exploring and demonstrating the latest features and updates in the 184 release. This included:


  • A new Health Check to periodically check status received from the MP Health REST endpoint and trigger a notification if status is down.
  • Ability to autocomplete Asadmin Commands similar to how you can tab-complete commands with Linux/Windows.
  •  Ability to add new security providers and configure the order of security providers in the JVM.
    Improved security of endpoints provisioned by MicroProfile APIs.

The recording of the webinar has now been uploaded and can be viewed here:





For further information on our latest release you can view the release notes here:


Release Notes  see here