The Payara Monthly Catch - June 2024

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As summer sails in, we’re navigating towards exciting new adventures. But before we start exploring what lies ahead, let's cast our nets and haul in the bounty of brilliant contributions and resources from the past month. Crafted by our talented crew to boost your Java and Jakarta EE projects, our latest roundup is brimming with pearls and gems that you won't want to miss, from sparkling tutorials to invaluable insights.

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🔎Troubleshooting Common Payara Cloud Deployment Issues Payara Cloud offers numerous advantages, including ease of use and scalability. However, like any platform, you might encounter some common issues during deployment. This blog post explores common issues, compiled based on the expertise of our service team.

✅ Payara Server's High Availability Architecture: A Quick Technical Overview A high availability (HA) architecture that is designed to keep your application operational at all times is a must to remain competitive. In this piece, we discuss the components and configurations needed to create a highly available Payara Server environment that will help your applications remain accessible and responsive.

💻 Demystifying Request Tracing in Payara Server If you are looking to master Payara Server's Request Tracing Service to trace requests across various protocols and components, we offer a quick guide on this tool, its features, configuration and best practices here

🔒Securing Jakarta EE Applications with OIDC and Keycloak If you are looking at ways to improve the security of your applications, this blog post is for you. It looks at how the combination of the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol, Keycloak Identity Provider (IdP) and the Jakarta Security API can help streamline secure authentication and authorization in your Jakarta EE applications.

🕵️ Request Tracing in Payara Micro Discover how Payara Micro Request Tracing can be configured to trace requests and help you pinpoint performance issues and understand the flow of requests. Check this blog postto learn more.

☁️No-Code Jakarta EE & MicroProfile Cloud Hosting for Startups: Payara Cloud If you are wondering what Payara Cloud can offer to start-ups, you cannot miss this piece. It discusses the key application runtime and deployment challenges that start-ups typically face and how Payara Cloud addresses them.  

🔮 Is Your Enterprise Java Strategy Ready for the Future? If you want to learn more about the major language innovations and performance optimizations of Java 21 (and the recently released 22) and what they mean for the vast ecosystem of enterprise Java platforms, read this! The blog post explores these issues, starting with a look on the benefits of newer Java versions. 

This Month's Podcasts and Webinars

🎙️On a Mission to Prove What's Real - Conversation About AI with Dr. Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers The latest episode of Payara Podcast, is all about Artificial Intelligence (AI). We discussed with the Founder and CEO of Open Origins the different approaches to defining AI, the real value of the mainstream AI tools, including benefits and opportunities, as well as the risks of using AI for Java development. We also talked about the importance of having official rules and regulations for using such tools and the challenges in the continued development of AI.

💻Driving Business Success With Payara’s Platform Engineering Innovations In this talk, delivered at JAX 2024 conference by Petr Aubrecth, Senior Software Engineer at Payara Services, Payara’s innovative approach to Platform Engineering is discussed. Watch the recording to learn how Payara’s innovations in Jakarta EE runtime automation and optimizations enable businesses reduce cost and enhance operational efficiency. Thanks to Software & Support Media for sharing this!

Guides of the Month

Migration Guide: Oracle WebLogic 14 to Payara Server 6 Enterprise

Jakarta EE for Spring Boot Developers: Mapping Concepts and Paradigms

Java EE Server Runtime Environment: The Business Risks of Outdated and
Unsupported Legacy Software

New Events

🎤 Virtual Payara Conference Today we kick off our two-day online event dedicated to enhancing the security and resilience of your Java applications. This event is ideal for developers, IT professionals and decision-makers who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in creating secure Java environments. You can still sign up for the two tracks!

✍️Jakarta EE Media and Community Challenge  The submission deadline for this competition has been extended! If you are a Java developer, technical writer and/or technology enthusiast interested in taking part, make sure you create and submit original technical content centered around Payara or Jakarta EE by July 25th here.

This Month's Releases

Payara's engineering team is thrilled to announce the new release of the Payara Platform for 2024. This update includes a mix of bug and security fixes, component upgrades and improvements that support greater performance, stability, reliability and more when developing Jakarta EE applications. Here's a short list of what some of the exciting features offer to Jakarta EE developers and devops:

  • Get faster application startup and operation though optimized MR-jar class loading
  • Leverage a platform that is even more functional and compatible than before
  • Utilize up-to-date Payara Security Connectors 3.1.1 to enhance cybersecurity

 Payara Platform  Download Here 


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