No-Code Jakarta EE & MicroProfile Cloud Hosting for Startups: Payara Cloud

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Start-ups are hotbeds of innovation, where speed, agility and resourcefulness are key to success. But in the world of enterprise Java applications, managing complex cloud deployment infrastructure can quickly become a bottleneck and take up considerable time from your developers. To address these issues and streamline cloud deployments, we created Payara Cloud.

The World of Start-ups

Start-ups face unique challenges, especially in the tech landscape. Optimizing resource use while meeting tight deadlines to continuously innovate can put immense pressure on development teams. Therefore, efficiently managing cloud deployments is crucial for start-ups to maintain their competitive edge in a fast-moving marketplace.

While cloud infrastructures can be highly beneficial, their complexities can drain valuable time and effort, diverting focus away from core development activities. In effect, it is estimated that between 20% to 60% of developers' time is typically spent integrating and managing  them. By addressing these issues, start-ups can maximize their profitability and competitiveness.

What is Payara Cloud?

Payara Cloud is a fully managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) built on Payara Server Enterprise. It's our version of Payara Server Enterprise but hosted for you. This means less cloud deployment hassle for your team and more time to create awesome Jakarta EE and MicroProfile apps. Payara Cloud is an all-in-one Java cloud hosting solution for your Java EE apps.

Why Payara Cloud is Your Start-up's Best Friend

  • Save Money: Avoid the costs of setting up your own infrastructure.
  • Launch Quickly: Get your product and ideas out there faster. 
  • Developer Happiness: Let your team focus on coding, not managing Java cloud deployments servers.
  • Reliable Performance: Payara Cloud automatically adjusts to handle changing traffic.
  • Security First: Your apps are protected by enterprise-grade security measures.
  • Get Expert Help: Our Payara team is always available for questions and support.

Activities Payara Cloud Does For You

  • Handles Kubernetes: We manage the complex cloud setup, so you don't have to.
  • Scales Automatically: Your app can handle any amount of traffic without you lifting a finger.
  • Includes Great Features: You can get all the benefits of Payara Server Enterprise, like clustering and high availability.
  • Monitoring and Logs: You can keep track of how your app is doing and troubleshoot easily.
  • Your Own Domain: You can use your own website address to give your app a professional look.

Act Now

Payara Cloud is more than just hosting – it's a smart business decision for your Jakarta EE and MicroProfile workload. Freeing 20-60% of your team's time by sparing them from the complexities of deploying Java applications to the cloud means that you enable your developers to focus on what matters the most: building a great product. Get a 15-day free trial and see the difference it makes for your start-up!

Payara Cloud   Free Trial

Ready to try it out? Sign up for a free trial today and see how easy it is to get started! No credit card needed, no commitments.

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