The Payara Monthly Catch - April 2024

by Chiara Civardi

All aboard, Payara Community! It's time to hoist the sails and set course for new adventures in May. But before we do, let's take a look back at the treasures we uncovered in April. We've gathered our favorite catches from the depths to share with you, ready to power up your Jakarta EE applications and propel you towards success! Join us as we navigate through the highlights of the month in our latest roundup

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📑Getting Started with Apache Kafka on Jakarta EE and Payara Server Check this blog post to master decoupled, asynchronous communications in complex distributed systems with Apache Kafka . Thanks to key features, this messaging platform can help you build scalable, fault-tolerant Jakarta EE applications.

💻 How To Administer Payara Server From The Command Line With asadmin If you feel the administration console is not helping you streamline server management tasks, you may benefit from using the Payara Server asadmin Command Line Interface (CLI). Learn more about this interface in this how to guide

Harness the Power of Java 21 for Your Enterprise Applications – Seamlessly Deploy with Payara Cloud: If you want to have a quick overview of the new features of Java 21 and how they can help you develop enterprise-level applications, check our blog post here - it's short and to the point!

🔎 Expressive REST Resources with Java Records and Jakarta REST: Do you know how caching can help you create responsive and scalable web resources? In this piece, we discuss Jakarta REST for developing high-performance web services that reduce server load and improve the overall user experience.

💰 5 ways Payara Cloud drives higher profits for Jakarta EE companies: Learn how to optimize production deployment runtimes for Jakarta EE applications and, in turn, drive your profitability by checking this concise post

🏎️ Streamlining Payara Micro Development with Dev Mode: Batch processing can be greatly simplified with Jakarta Batch, thanks to its standardized approach, flexible components and advanced optimization techniques. Get everything you need to master all elements of this specification here

📈 Stratospheric Developer Productivity - Unveiling Payara Dev Mode: We curated a detailed guide on how to use the Payara Micro Maven Plugin to integrate Payara Micro into Maven projects and streamline your workflow. 

This Month's Podcasts and Webinars

💻 Maximizing Developer Productivity: Tools and Techniques For Java Developers with Trisha Gee This webinar covers what tools can help developers make the best use of their time and hardware, so that they can be more effective and focus on what's important. 

💻Mastering Java Message Service: A Jakarta EE Developer's Guide This webinar covers messaging and Java Message Service (JMS) fundamentals, real-world use cases and demos to help you build flexible architectures with asynchronous communications.

💻Empowering Java Applications with NoSQL - Virtual Workshop with Otavio Santana This on demand workshop guides you in the use of NoSQL databases to advance your Java applications. 

Guides of the Month

  1. A Quick Guide To Enterprise Batch Processing With Jakarta Batch

  2. Stratospheric Developer Productivity – Unveiling Payara Dev Mode

This Month's Releases

Payara's engineering team is thrilled to announce the new release of the Payara Platform for 2024. This update includes a mix of critical bug fixes, component upgrades, and exciting new tools in the Payara Tooling Ecosystem.  Our enterprise customers will particularly benefit from:

  • Diagnostics Tool 1.0: Dramatically simplifies troubleshooting for enterprise clients. Automatically gather logs, configuration, and runtime information from Payara clusters for efficient support interactions. Watch out for more blog posts on this.
  • Dependabot Support for Payara 5 and 6: Stay ahead of security vulnerabilities and maintain platform health with automatic critical component upgrades across major Payara versions.
  • Amazon SQS Support: Enhanced cloud integration with STS security tokens and support for large messages. Supported in both Payara Enterprise 5 and 6.
  • Advisor - MicroProfile 4.1 to 6.1: Effortlessly upgrade your applications to the latest MicroProfile specifications with this powerful advisor tool.

Also, get ready for a sneak peek into the future with the Payara 7 Alpha 1 preview. It includes:

  • Initial Jakarta EE 11 Support: Stay on the cutting edge with a preview of the upcoming Jakarta EE 11 standards.
  • Concurrency 3.1 API with Virtual Threads: Experience the power and efficiency of virtual threads.
  • JDK 21+ Support: Ensure compatibility with the latest Java releases and advancements.

 Payara Platform  Download Here