Harness the Power of Java 21 for Your Enterprise Applications – Seamlessly Deploy with Payara Cloud

by Rohan Parekh


Java 21 introduced a number of new features that are designed to help developers craft enterprise-level applications. These enhancements can improve how quickly and smoothly applications run while making coding simpler for developers. Highlights include:

  • Lightweight Threads (Project Loom): They help developers manage multiple operations concurrently, as they simplify the handling of numerous tasks simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial for complex services.
  • Pattern Matching for Switch: It makes writing conditions in your code neater and easier to understand.
  • Overall Improvements: They enhance security, stability and make development smoother.

Leveraging Java 21 with Payara Cloud

Payara Cloud, our Payara as a Service platform, now fully supports Java 21, letting you make the most of these updates in a cloud setting. With Payara Cloud, you get:

  • Quick and Easy Deployment: Upload your apps and set them up quickly, giving you more time to create.
  • Automatic Scaling: The platform adjusts to your needs, ensuring top performance without overspending.
  • Dependable and Secure: Our solution reduces the risk of downtime with a robust infrastructure and comprehensive support.

A Practical Example

Want to take a JDK21 Jakarta EE 10 app for a spin on Payara Cloud? Checkout the PetClinic app on GitHub, create your Payara Cloud free trial account, compile the PetClinic app and deploy to your account! It's that simple. 

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