The New Release of Payara Platform is Here!

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We're happy to announce that Payara Platform Community (5.2020.2) and Payara Platform Enterprise (5.20.0) Editions are out today! The Community Release includes 28 bug fixes, 13 improvements, 3 new features, and 5 component upgrades. You can download it here! 

Here's some detail of what's included in the 5.2020.2 Community release:

 Payara Platform  Download Here 

Eclipse MicroProfile 3.3

Since MicroProfile 3.2, the standard has received multiple updates to its individual specifications, bringing features such as automatic converters to Config API, whitelisting and blacklisting to Fault Tolerance, and @Context injection to REST Client. This release of the standard brought many fixes and quality-of-life changes on top of these new features, making it an important step for the MicroProfile standard. See our MicroProfile 3.3 Compatibility Release Blog for more details.

Payara Micro Improvements

A lot of work was done to improve both the functionality and performance of Payara Micro this release. For example, before this release, Hazelcast would be initialised twice during the startup of Payara Micro, which had a significant knock-on effect on the startup time. This improvement benefits the startup time, which will be extremely beneficial to cloud environments where start and stop times will be noticed. This release also solves several issues relating to the use of JSP and JSF which made doing so particularly difficult, especially in Docker environments.

Monitoring Console Enhancements

We've continued to work on the Monitoring Console, adding a plethora of new features to it. Although a simple change, the tweak to make the individual pages of the monitoring console a bookmarkable URL is a welcome one I'm sure many of you will appreciate. We've also taken steps to add additional monitoring sources with MicroProfile Metrics getting the love this time (they now appear in the console as data series), and introduced the concept of user roles that can persist configuration changes to the domain.xml rather than to just the local browser cache.

Docker Image Tweaks

We decided to bring the Docker images out of their own repos and incorporate them into the main Payara repo and build for this release. Doing so has allowed us to fix a number of issues, add some JVM memory settings, and hopefully make it easier for the community to build and edit the images themselves.

Integrated TLS Certificate Management

The first major Payara Enterprise feature premiering after the split of Payara Enterprise and Payara Community Editions (find out more here), the Integrated TLS Certificate Management offers commands to generate self-signed certificates, remove expired certificates, and add or remove certificates from keystores in Payara Server. Anyone who's had to add self-signed certificates in the past will instantly recognise the convenience provided by this feature.

This feature is bundled by default in the Payara Enterprise Edition (request your trial download here!). Payara Community Edition users need to build and drop it in themselves.

We already took a closer look at the Integrated TLS Certificate Management feature in this blog post, so check it out if you want to find out more.

Download The Latest Payara Platform Release

For more detailed Release Notes for Payara Platform Community Editionyou can visit this link. Don't forget to update your Payara Platform to the new version! 

 Payara Platform  Download Here 


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