What's New in Payara Platform 5.194?

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Great news for everyone! Today we released a new version of the Payara Platform (5.194) with many exciting new features including production-ready JDK 11 support, Monitoring Console and MicroProfile 3.2 support. This release introduces 50 bug fixes, 13 new features, 20 improvements and 4 component upgrades.

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JDK 11

Payara Platform 5.194 now supports both JDK 8 and JDK 11 without any changes required on the user side. Keep your eyes out for a dedicated blog post about JDK 11 support coming in the next few days!

Monitoring Console

Yes, the Monitoring Console is a brand new feature in this release of the Payara Server, as we promised in the Coming Soon article recently! This feature can help you to control the performance of instances managed by the domain. By default it is preconfigured but disabled. You can enable it using this command:

asadmin set-monitoring-console-configuration --enabled true

Docker Instances

We implemented support for autoscaling Docker instances, so now you can not only create Docker instances from the DAS but also using plain Docker commands. Name of the instance can be generated automatically.

Deployment Groups

The start-deployment-group command received the instanceTimeout parameter and also the management API now supports deployment groups.

Data Grid Ports

We improved data grid port configuration, so now it respects domain port base and can be also configured individually. 

MicroProfile 3.2 Support  (including OpenTracing)

Payara Platform 5.194 now supports MicroProfile 3.2. We implemented changes in Metrics, Config, OpenTracing (find out more here), Rest Client and HealthCheck modules. Find out more about MicroProfile 3.2 support in this blog post. 

Role Mapping Based on Parts of Distinguished Name

If you use client certificates for user authentication and authorization, now you can also use the role mapping based on parts of certificate's distinguished name.

EJB Endpoint Security of ejb-invoker

We enhanced the ejb-invoker security configuration, so now you can simply use asadmin commands to configure it.

Transaction Timeouts

Now any timeouting transaction will be logged as warning immediately after it timed out and also when the transaction rollbacks, Payara Platform will log also the cause of the rollback.


Some dependencies were updated to newer versions. Especially one update is important - we replaced all Java EE dependencies with their Jakarta EE replacements.

Maven Group Identifiers

In version 5.194, we changed a lot of Maven group identifiers, most of them have "internal" part now. This means that these identifiers should not be used as dependencies, because they may change in future versions and their API may be very unstable.

We also created the Payara BOM containing all external dependencies of the Payara Server implementation.

Bug Fixes - Highlights

  • stopping and starting Payara Server instances should be more reliable now
  • overriding system properties set in configuration which were overridden in instance
  • disabling Hazelcast for 5.193 Payara Server caused startup failure
  • application name of deployed ear showed unique number
  • listing EJB timers sometimes caused HTTP 500
  • thread pool monitoring broke when configuring thread pools
  • list-nodes-docker command failed with invalid number of columns
  • admin console always printed virtual servers from server-config for MicroProfile health and metrics

Community Contributions

Special thanks to svendiedrichsen for following our footsteps and fixing our mistakes so fast! We also owe our thanks to all community members who regularly review our changes or report well reproducible bugs - we wouldn't be able to make it without you! 

Download The Latest Payara Platform

For more detailed release notes you can visit this link. Don't forget to update your Payara Platform to the new version! 

 Payara Platform  Download Here