The Payara Monthly Roundup for April 2019

Photo of Jadon Ortlepp by Jadon Ortlepp

Hello and welcome to the second issue of our monthly round up where we feature a curated list of interesting articles and videos created by the community that we have enjoyed and found interesting. Cant wait until the end of the month? then visit our twitter page where we post all these articles as we find them! 




Essential IntelliJ shortcutsA good craftsman knows their tools. Being a software developer is no exception.


Howto: Messaging with JMS using Payara with embedded OpenMQ broker -Get a quick start example for messaging with JMS using Payara and the embedded OpenMQ in this Philip Riecks's latest blog post.


Designing Bulletproof Code - Learn more about designing bulletproof code in your Java /Jakarta EE applications by Otávio Santana‏.


Thoughts on Microservices, Part 2: Evolution of MicroProfileIO -  Dmitry Alexandrov discusses the rise of MicroProfile and how this open source, community-driven platform is helping Java based microservices development. 


Java Is Not Dying (Yet) by Simone Pezzano Is Java dying? This article attempts to answer this question by evaluating Java's strengths and weaknesses, strong ecosystem, and other JVM languages 


OpenJDK 11 Now The Default Java For Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - Plus Some New OpenJDK Benchmarks by Michael Larabel.


Payara Tools 1.0 for Eclipse Java IDE - Released after having been in alpha since last year. Here is a list of some of the noteworthy items available in this release. 


MicroProfile JWT with Keycloak - In this step by step blog, Hayri Cicek‏  demonstrates how to secure your services using MicroProfile JWT and Keycloak .


The state of Kotlin for Jakarta EE / MicroProfileIO traditional applications - In this post, Victor Orozco takes a closer look at the result when using Jakarta EE and MicroProfile withKotlin.


Comparing JVM alternatives to JavaScript - Comparing Java alternatives to JavaScript in the browser (GWT, CheerpJ, TeaVM, JSweet, Vaadin) - benchmarked against React.js and Dart by Renato Athaydes


Specification Scope in Jakarta EE - The first step in managing how intellectual property rights flow through a specification is to define the range of the work encompassed by the specification. Written by Wayne Beaton.


EE Security in Relation to JASPIC, JACC, and LoginModules/Realms - In this post, Arjan Tijms takes a look at the history of security in Java SE, authentication and authorization (JASPIC, JACC, and LoginModules/Realms) and EE Security


Configuring Microservices With MicroProfile and Kubernetes - Niklas Heidloff gives a tutorial on how fellow devs can go about setting up their microservices applications using MicroProfile, Kubernetes, and Java.


Variance in Java - A decent summary of how types in Java generics work. 


HowTo: Up and download files with Java EE and Web componentsIn this blog Philip Riecks demonstrates how to upload and download files with Java EE and Web Components. Using Java 8, Java EE 8 & Payara 5.191 as the application server. 


Oracle Critical Patch Update - April 2019 Including 5 new security fixes for Oracle Java SE "All of these vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, i.e., may be exploited over a network without requiring user credentials. "


JVM JIT Compilers Benchmarks Report - By Ionuț Baloșin. This article describes a series of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Just In Time (JIT) Compilers benchmarks and their results. 


When GraphQL meets MicroProfile - By Jean-Francois James inspired by Phillip Kruger's work 


Winter is Coming For Java Updates "The next scheduled update to is released next week. However, there will be no free public update for either JDK 8 or 11 from Oracle." By Simon Ritter.


Monitoring HTTP Requests with Eclipse MicroProfileIO Metrics - From the always concise, practical and wise Adam Bien.


Adopting JakartaEE - Edwin Derks explores why some developers haven't moved on over and explains how Jakarta EE is worth the effort.




The Lightweight stuff - In this educational and practical video, Adam Bien demonstrates building a MicroProfile / Java EE application from scratch. Featuring: Payara, OpenLiberty, Metrics, OpenAPI, FaultTolerance, Configuration, multi-server deployments & ThinWARs,


Troubleshooting JSF + JPA Project Setups in intellijidea with Payara Server - In this video Uwe Bretschneider shows you how to setup a Java Server Faces (JSF) and Java Persistence API (JPA) project in IntelliJ


Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Kickstater - Using Maven AdamBien shows a fast, practical and concise demo to JakartaEE / Java EE + MicroProfile Kickstarter & WAD




Severless without functions, openshift with a bit IstioA very entertaining and informative interview with Adam Bien & Sebastian Daschner Talking about: Serverless without Functions, openshift with a bit Istio Mesh, Apache Kafka, Payara, Docker, MicroProfile, Microservices, Java & more! 


A new Soap Opera! Starring Elastic and Amazon (A story of ElasticSearch Open Distro) - Off Heap dive deep into the current elastic dilemma with amazon creating its ElasticSearch Open Distro. What does it mean for community and for companies trying to make a buck? Take a listen!


Community News


The Java EE Guardians are starting a new initiative around posting periodic short surveys to gather community feedback to help steer the future direction of Jakarta EE. The initial survey topic is JSF (Mojarra): 



It is now official, The ASF NetBeans has hatched! No longer in the Apache Incubator, as decided officially by the Apache Board.


Red Hat Becomes Steward of Java 8 and 11Red Hat has taken the leadership role of managing Java 8 and Java 11, under the guidance of technical lead, Andrew Haley. This role appears alongside Oracle's focus on future Java releases moving in the 6-month release schedule. 


Payara On Tour in Japan!  - Very excited! We will be visiting Okayama, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Sapporo!


Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019 - 90 000 took this years Stack Overflow Developer Survey. Some interesting results! Python growing at a serious pace. 


Payara Services are pleased to announce the appointment of Samuraism Inc. as a new Solution Partner for Japan and the region.